reasons for celebrating

Django arrived yesterday: gorgeous?! yes, loveable, soft, endearing, all of this and more; he sleeps a lot, had forgotten how much they do that
here he is on eldest son's lap; we like the name for several reasons, to name just a few: we like the sound of it, we're fans of Django Reinhardt's music, the fact that he's a gypsy musician only adds to my romantic notion of representing a free spirit; the men here enjoyed the movie Django unchained (I have to confess to not yet having seen it)

turned 51 last Monday; have been kept busy in the office these past couple of weeks and am now officially a coach, have joined the modern-day league of fashionable jobs, who would have guessed, not me that's for sure;  guess I'm never too old to learn a new trick or two.....
It's partly why I haven't been very active in blogland, but I feel I am back now and looking forward to class over at Jude's in June; we'll be staying here for the summer because of Django's arrival, we all need to get used to life-with-a-young-dog once more and want to spend as much time as we can with him at home; ah, the promise of long walks in the woods with a dog!


Julie S said…
oh those faces...(his and yours)!!! Even when you're 51, we still want a puppy for a present.
jude said…
oh, look at him, all soft and beautiful. happy birthday, my next one is 64. imagine that.
Saskia said…
hi Julie & Jude, we're all totally in love with little Django, he's so cute, we had forgotten just how adorable a puppy's to growing old and enjoying new lives in our midst
Mo Crow said…
(((Django!))) & Happy Birthday Saskia, you are a Gemini? so is Old Man Crow!
Saskia said…
nope taurus, earthy and determined
just catching up. Ahhhh. 51.
SO MUCH at begins to get
really Interesting....
i remember....there is a LOT
coming your Way....i will enjoy
jan said…
Happy birthday Saskia. And happy new home to Django. I look forward to seeing him gradually master the art of the ukulele...maybe a guitar is too ambitious for him at this stage! X
Anonymous said…
If you haven't seen "Twelve Years a Slave" go to that instead of Django Unchained, which I found ridiculous, typically overly-violent for Tarantino, and full of caricature. When Django and his gal rode off into the sunset at the end, they looked like something straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalog!



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