exhibition 2012

'a rather useless cupboard' w15xh60xd10 cm 2012  200,- euro

'an imperfect life' 80x80cm 2012  SOLD
'small dragon' 8x12cm  2011 SOLD
(comes in a frame, not shown on photo)

'two hedgehog-beings' 18x24 cm 2012 SOLD
'espalier' 7x8cm 2012  SOLD

'air tree' 7x8cm  2012 SOLD

'tree of chaos' 7x12 cm 2012  SOLD

'the birdhouse' 50x80cm 2012 SOLD

'her secret garden' 60x60cm 2012  SOLD
'tree-of-life/cycle' 40x50cm plus dangling objects 2012 SOLD

'self portrait' w20xh13xd10cm  2012  SOLD
'paradise lost' 35x35cm  2012  SOLD

'water and air' 45x45cm  2012  SOLD

'melancholy' 14x32cm 2012  SOLD

'angel' 34x60cm  2012  SOLD

'4 forlorn figures in a landscape' 47x47cm 2012 SOLD

detail 'meeting'
'motherhood' 67x177cm 2012  400,- euro

'perhaps this is a place' 20x31cm 2012  SOLD


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

totally and completely WONDER~FULL.

saskia said...

the exhibit was really wonderful, people's reactions were so positive and I am so grateful for their feedback and support, as I am for yours Grace

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

have come everyday to look...like
i would in a Gallery, in person.
just to one to another, looking
love seeing them All Together like
i hope you continue a shop/gallery
as you go along into the next

saskia said...

o Grace,
thank you!
having & feeling your support means a lot to me