Summer Time

all the above images are taken in our garden! I'm thrilled so many flowers have made an appearance, despite the long cold wet Spring followed by more than thirty days with no rain! my gardening ethic is no watering (except for potted plants) and observing what plants can manage our particular biotope, tough love

Annual Open Garden Day last Saturday, we did not open our garden to the public but a neighbour further down the road did; I did however exhibit some of my work together with yet another neighbour/friend in their garage, as a bonus for the garden visitors (there was also live music, no pics I'm afraid)

Last Thursday A. and I held our first workshop together in a local school. We had two classes, all in all 40 teenagers.....the first class turned into chaos within the hour, the second after 80 minutes, we learn fast;-)
we had so much fun with the kids and each other we want to do it again!
I was fascinated by the kids' imagination and dedication, despite being distracted by the heat and one another, plus the hormones, I had forgotten what the boys were like at that age (eleven, twelve)
We were allowed to hang the mobile over the canteen bar, where everyone can admire their handiwork. I guess it'll stay there until Summer break.

spotted on dog walk

speaking of dogs, I went to check up on Digger earlier today:

Digger's the one standing on his back legs with the spot between his ears on top of his head

 as I type: RAIN

hope you too are enjoying Summer, whatever the weather


All this, I love. Your garage gallery is excellent
Nancy said…
To live with such natural beauty...around such creative neighbors...and with an adorable pup waiting in the wings! looks glorious to me!
Liz A said…
oh, the puppies ... I can't even ...

and teaching ... such glorious creative chaos ... so glad you want to do it all again
Saskia said…
yes it does look rather swish Grace
there were also two ladies with quilts and a third with clay sculptures in the outdoors, alas I have no more photo's to share as it became quite busy, and when things quietened down I was off to a birthday party with my husband.
May and June, possibly July and August too, are overflowing with activities
Saskia said…
Digger will keep me occupied Nancy, so I'm now trying to get stuff done that I won't have time for once he's here;-)
Saskia said…
I've surprised self with my equanimity in the face of chaos Liz!! live&learn;-)
fortunately A. and I were not turned off and together with yet another friend L. we might be able to form a 'workshop-unit'
looking forward to that
deemallon said…
So much lushness — garden, teaching, puppies! I hope you don’t regret naming him Digger.
Saskia said…
hahahahahaha Dee, fortunately the naming was done by our breeder/friend
(full disclosure: I did have a choice between Digger, Dancer and Duke; Duke resembles my husband's name which is Duco sometimes short Duuk, way too confusing! and I somehow did not hear self calling 'Dancer' so I opted for Digger which felt better, and I do HOPE he does not live up to his name in our garden!) we could of course rename him, but I'm not sure that would prohibit any digging))



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