groupexhibition at Galerie Brandstof and more

have been painting again, I seem to have dry spells, distracted as I can be by garden dogs friends lectures museum visits trips-away, getting this show together and prepping for market next week! fortunately once I do get going lots turn out

with a song in my heart
& the wind in my hair I feel a lot

sitting & waiting patiently

nope, I haven't a clue how that stain got there

rabbit rabbit

serious Nordic walking lady

I want to tell you a secret

messy rabbit

have also finally gotten round to wall-papering several rooms in the Dwelling

the first room was OBK's bedroom, he was kind enough to stay in bed for the photo

rainbow paper in the entrance hall, matching the rainbow stairs, and below a fleur-de-lis paper for the dining room

still a lot more decorating to do.....

meanwhile home&garden are looking better and better, the building part is done (she said optimistically) I have sown wild flower seed mixes all over the place and after what seemed like weeks of rain which was absolutely perfect for those seeds, we have a green haze in the backyard where everything was dug up during the build: so a clean slate; our front garden well established by now is slowly turning into a jungle
whilst out back it is slowly but surely becoming as green as the painting

the paving has also been renewed, I know I have mentioned this before, but it makes all the difference, below our new gravel parking space

may we all enjoy where we are


Mo Crow said…
love these new paintings & your space is magic!
Liz A said…
I especially like the shadow box on the right of the first image ... seeing it from the side is quite intriguing

and goodness, what great wallpapering ... having worked on painting the interior of a renovated doll house, I know quite well how challenging it is to get into those tight corners!

last, I've quite enjoyed being here for a while ... seeing the rich colors of your home, the kinetic bicycle wheel sculptures, the cunningly curved blue wood struts/braces (?) on either side of the window looking out on the sculptures ... goodness, there's so much to see!
deemallon said…
How lovey to see a bunch of your ink paintings congregated and elevated within that clear glass box. Just thrilling.
Saskia said…
thanks Mo, we like it too;-)
Saskia said…
I'm glad this doll's house is a larger than the previous ones, makes decorating a little easier Liz, although my hands often seem huge and clumsy when working in those confined spaces....
the blue braces are in fact wooden armrests from an old chair that fell apart, I tend to hold on to stuff that might be useful one day, hahahaha
Saskia said…
the gallery owner suggested I recreate the atmosphere in my studio in that display cabinet Dee, and lo and behold it worked a treat, quite a few visitors commented as such; it has made me rethink just how I want to exhibit in future
Nancy said…
Saskia~ Seeing your work displayed in that glass case...magic! OBK's space looks great and the seahorse reminded me of my daughter, when young, asking for one for Christmas. Your own place looks grand! it was cool to see the whole lot, from the parking space. It looks bigger from this viewpoint.
The glass display case is sort of a dollhouse, too.

I really do like your quirky, weird (in a good way!) art. Messy Rabbit is my favorite (looks a lot like me! LOL) with the Serious Nordic Walking Lady a very close second.

LOL, At first I thought you were wallpapering your space. I love looking at all the details in the rooms. Every time I look, I see something I missed before. An elephant in the entrance hall! I keep all my elephants in the bedroom. (Imagine that sentence out of context!) They have their own savannah on a dresser top.
Saskia said…
the seahorse was a gift from a family friend (in the sense that she was friends with my parents first and later on in life we became friends too)
OBK is really fond of him/her
fancy your daughter wanting one Nancy, did she have a fishtank?
Saskia said…
I like quirky
now I'm wondering what other animals you might have wandering around your house Faith



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