another very short story and glimpses of the New Dwelling

piglet staring down the staircase holes

The New Dwelling with closed doors, loosely inspired by a Hollands Kabinet/Dutch Cabinet, my modern version at least. How it came about was thanks to fortuitous browsing through one of our newspapers.  I noticed this article about Dutch artist Sara Sejin Chang who had recently been awarded an important prize: the Theodora Niemeijer Prize, both of whom were unknown to me. I went on to visit her website, where her series of Dutch Cabinets caught me eye, and something clicked in my brain: whirring of cogs as I suddenly realised I wanted to make a new Dwelling, deeper and slightly wider than the last one, I felt a craving for better proportions, more space! and here was the perfect solution: build a Dutch Cabinet.
As is always the case once I know what I want, I jump into action and after checking out three local thrift stores where I might happen upon some kind of cupboard I could transform, I soon realised I would have to make one from scratch and knowing the exact measurements of multiplex boards from past experience (122x244 cm) I got to drawing and working out how to get them machine-sawed as economically as possible, as I detest wood waste.
The smaller furniture and some of the beings have moved to my Childhood DollHouse (CDH), no images today, but I'll get round to posting about this second house soonish.....

Hippo helping out with the washing up

from bottom left to top right: play room/meditation area, entrance hallway, Natural History display (although some of the Beings on display would rather be considered Dwellers than exhibits) Kitchen, landing and huge red cupboard full of cleaning utensils (finally!) Dining Hall, Studio, landing, SewingRoom, bedroom one, landing with potties and sink, OBK's bedroom

'Mobile Buddha inspects the Rainbow Stairs whilst talking to a close friend 'no don't bother calling, their phone is off the hook' (.......) 'hmm, hmmm, they have moved house!' (.......) 'yes, I will say hello from you and you should keep an eye on her blog, or better still, come and visit in person'


‘People seem to be terribly preoccupied with themselves these days,’ Manneke says out loud, ‘obsessed even.’

‘That has always been the case,’ she utters, half under her breath as she is busy sweeping up the mess the dog has made under the table.

Something he has chosen not to notice.

Not hearing a word she has said, as is often the case,  he continues his monologue: ‘They are forever shouting at one other “Look at Me, Look At Me!” in all manner of ways. I mean look at all these social media, you tell me what’s social about them?’

‘Hmm hmm,’ she acquiesces.

‘We are all, each and everyone of us, the centre of our own insignificant drama!’ Manneke exclaims and holds his arms up as if to mark the urgency of his own train of thought.

‘YΓ©s, ’ she replies emphatically, and finally he looks at her, as if for the first time in a long while actually seeing her.

He sighs, dropping his arms by his sides and looks down at himself, asking ‘Me too?’

She nods and answers ‘Me too.’


© saskia van herwaarden

I had loads of fun making the New Dwelling, the RainBow Stairs and Fourposter bed especially, not to mention the kitchen cupboard, I hope you have fun too as you wander through the house, thanks for dropping by


Mo Crow said…
love your story, a timely reminder to be quiet and truly listen
Liz A said…
Me, too?

Me, too …

As always, both utterly delight-full and deeply thought-full
Nancy said…
Saskia~ This is so delightful! Those Kabinits are amazing, a statement. The Dwelling looks grand! I too noticed how fine OBK's bed is...I'd love to nap there :) Hippo looks like such a great helper!
Another story with really something to say. Me too? I can say yes from over here. I am certainly wrapped up in my own story right now, so thank you for the reminder to open my eyes even more. I've heard stories this week of 'waiting room pals' takes me out of myself, which is good.
(((hugs))) to all.
PS I think CDH needs a more becoming name (but, again, that's just me πŸ˜‰)
Saskia said…
if only I would follow my own advice Mo;-)
Saskia said…
some moments are exactly that: delightful, if only I were as attentive as I should be Liz, I'm sure I would be able to enjoy it all more!
but hey, still getting there...on my way as they say
Saskia said…
you have every right to be wrapped up in yourself Nancy (as we all are, from time to time)
agreeing with you there Nancy: CDH is not a proper name, it's my lazy typing loophole, for the time being;-)

the four-poster bed IS very comfy! the mattress is stuffed with bits of wool from a spencer I once knitted and wasn't too keen on, the duvet is made with left-over sheepwool-insulation we used for our new room, so super-duper soft, light and warm!
Liz A said…
back again as usual, finding I was remiss in not commenting about the incredible craftspersonship of the new dwelling ... especially the peek-holes and hinges ... not to mention the rainbow spiral stair is also a wonder with booted feet sticking through at the top and the tiny bell hanging nearby
Saskia said…
thanks Liz, I had considered writing two posts, but then thought let's not pretend this is an actual diary, the way I've been posting as of late (which has been quite some time!) it's more a monthly catch-up, if that.....
thanks also for returning and taking the time to comment again, I find self forming comments in my mind as I wander through the various blogs I follow, and especially when I do this on my phone, I get distracted, rush off to do something else and completely forget! Add to this the pass-word hiccups one encounters when 'moving' between devices and a recipe for neglect is the result!
Faith said…
Saskia said…
thank you Faith!



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