2023 magnets from The Dwelling, sold out

Lately they have been pretty busy and secretive in The Dwelling. Just as I was beginning to wonder what it was all about and start asking questions, the postman delivered a box this morning!

fridge magnets from The Dwelling, postcard-size with a 2023 calendar 

business-card size

and a couple of them are even Dwelling size......

here they are on our fridge


interested in ordering? 
visit my shop or email me:

small ones are € 2,50 / $ 2,65 large ones € 7,50 / $ 7,90
excl. P&P


Nancy said…
Saskia~ Oh my gosh!!! How clever are these?!! I love them :) Of course, you know I love the Dutch Boy best ❤️
You always come up with new ideas, which is so fun to see and it seems like you'll sell out!
Saskia said…
((Nancy)) Dutch Boy has become an amazing cook and he surprises us all with his daring dish combinations, more on that later in Christmas post!



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