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new sign at gatepost: 

let's keep it as simple as possible folks;-)

sketchbook-making continues
A close friend visited Venice this Summer, the Biënnale are on, and she brought back a lovely, usable souvenir for me: a recycled plastic container full of paper snippets, giftwrapped in a kfc paper bag!
She had bought it in a small shop where the owner herself made collages and, as far as I understood, she wasted nothing, collected rubbish and where possible used said rubbish, either for her art or for the packaging.
As I have never been to Venice, I decided to use the paper for a collage book and make an imaginary sight seeing guide

I know I mentioned thinking of selling these books, however I've had second thoughts....sorry Grace I cannot let go of any of them just now, but I'll be sure to paint some small figures on their own!

for a few days our news was dominated by the fate of asylum seekers in our country: forced to sleep under the open skies as there was not enough proper accommodation
one of my paintings kind of illustrated my emotions

we seem to be lopping from one crisis into the next over here: covid, climate, war, housing shortage, inflation et cetera
new out there

at home it's a lot better: house extension has begun, the foundation has been made and in two weeks time building up begins
I am looking forward to getting more living space!


WaardArt open studio tour this weekend and next one....fingers crossed many will visit our treasure coves

small beginnings



Marti said…
May Waardart be a wonderful success for you share your life, your heart, your concerns, through your connective Art...your books hold so much of what matters. To see your sign, announcing that you are in your studio, I find deeply moving.

Nancy said…
Saskia~ May Waardart go very well and bring much joy! I love seeing your surroundings...yard, signs, new build as well as your art and and studio happenings. Curiosity and joy live here! xo
jude said…
i get great energy from coming here, it's like a brave new world.
Liz A said…
you made my eyes happy this morning ... such wonderful imaginings of Venice (which is all I will ever do) ... your friend knows you well

and I too love your new sign ... perfect timing for WaardArt and I love the wry-ness of "I'm here when I'm here"
CatherinE said…
What a wonderful gift from your friend! I've been to Venice twice, but never came home with scraps sadly...I like how you use your sketchbooks. Yes, we are lurching from crisis to crisis. It's hard to absorb.
i understand Very Much about the books. I will wait for some day.

Everything GOOD to see
Saskia said…
hi Marti, finally I get back to replying to your comment (and others')
it has been a busy week not just the two rainy weekends cooped up in the studio waiting for visitors, sigh
the WaardArt committee had organised a visit-your-colleagues schedule during the week, so I got a chance to visit several studios and fellow artists unknown to me! really great for catching up & getting to know one another

re the rain: out of the 4 open studio days it rained on 3, which was bad for numbers but as it turned out not for business, as I managed to sell 8 pieces and 2 calendars
I think it was worth the effort, but am sure there's room for improvement
We're now getting back on our feet and will soon have a rethink concerning next year
Saskia said…
many a day I wonder about how curious I really am Nancy, however joy and enjoyment are never far away;-)
Saskia said…
I'm chuffed it feels energizing Jude, to me the best studio/museum visits are those that make me want to race back home and dig into work!
Saskia said…
what would we do without a sense of humour Liz?
Saskia said…
twice Catherine! I do envy you....I've been checking out travel expenses just to see if we couldn't squeeze in a trip, alas it's pretty pricey these days ánd we're having an extension built as we speak, so maybe next Bië to plan ahead I think
Saskia said…
thank you Grace, I kind of guessed you would xXx
Joy said…
Your home is beautiful. I often times think how it is a luxury to have a home and everything we need in it. I am grateful and blessed. In your book, I love the little girl cycling around the blue earth. What a fun book to make. Continued inspiration to you.
Saskia said…
hello Joy, yes a home is something to be truly grateful for!
speaking of luxury and things to enjoy: the little girl is a stamp I bought in Paris in a shop called Le Tampographe Sardon, that shop is a world within our world and well worth a visit.



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