cycle of life

wasn't wearing my reading glasses whilst taking photo's, hence a slightly blurry butterfly spotted yesterday morning, the first of its kind this year - in our garden at least - aglais urticae Kleine Vos or Small Tortoiseshell *
below my mum and me on Saturday, she looks better than she feels, is alas in a lot of pain, we are doing all we can.
I will be spending as much time as I can with my folks

It Is Long, It is Repetitive

© 2020 Alice Walker


As much as we might like to imagine

We will come back as a flower

Chances are, many of us

Are bound to come back

As flies.


We have annihilated so many,

Nor have we noticed sufficiently

The gossamer loveliness

Of their wings.


But come back we will;

(it isn’t even as of we go anywhere);

And that alone is why

We should abuse nothing.


Those ancient Indigenous

Who never disturbed any thing

Had the right idea,

Though most of us were born

Too late

And in far too un-awakened places

To benefit from this wisdom.


And so are left unaware.


Chewing the tobacco

That might have been

A grandmother.


Logging the tree

We will become.


poem found in Acey's comment over at Liz 'make your own bible  reminding me how we are all connected


Liz A said…
you and your mother ... both so beautiful ... forever held in a moment of grace
Saskia said…
these are the moments that matter ((Liz))
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) love the photo of you and your mother!
Saskia said…
((Mo)) thXx
Marti said…
Daughter and Mother, both so lovely to see. Your sweet gentle smile, your Mothers joy filled, brave smile, goes right to the heart. Thank you for sharing this portrait of love.
Saskia said…
((Marti)) in these dark days love is the only thing to cling to
Nancy said…
Saskia's, such a beautiful photo of you two! Yes, spend all the time you can together, these are the days that matter. xo
Saskia said…
thxX ((Nancy)) so much happening all around us these days
Sue McQ said…
Parents are so special. They are the beginning of us. Our lives. How we carry on. How we learn survival skills. They are always in our hearts - forever. Bless you both lovely ladies.
jude said…
miss my mom
Saskia said…
((Sue)) in our hearts

((Jude)) yes, love
buysse maria said…
i can just smile ..... when i see this heart filled picture ,Big hug booth of you
Saskia said…
((Maria)) thx



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