a heartfelt connection

 behold, for 'tis the OBK in his formal Summer Cloak!
I had started out making him something light to wear in warmer weather, however once the three layers were all stitched together with tiny running stitches, it felt too stiff for casual wear. 
So it was decided he would wear it on more formal occasions; birds, butterflies, checkered fabric from the boys old cot-sheets, home-dyed/printed squares, pink bits from Nancy, polka dots from Jennifer, colourful stripes from Julie and a bit of magic thread for the heart and binding from Jude

thank you all
for your generous offerings
we love using them!
on behalf of the OldBirdKing


Mo Crow said…
a robe fit for the king!
Patty said…
I love this...Summer Solstice celebration?
Nancy said…
Saskia~ And I for one, love sharing! Anything for dear OBK, for ones who 'rule' with such a tender heart need to be well cared for! (((hugs))) to all in The Dwelling! xo
Saskia said…
he's so happy in his new outfit, Mo, he keeps asking me when will we be expecting new arrivals, just so he can wear it!

Patty, you have given me an idea.....

I know you do Nancy, your ((hugs)) have been shared too:-)
Saskia said…
a little bit of magic goes a long way Jude....
deemallon said…
so Saskia, so Bird King!
Saskia said…
I like to think so too Dee! ;-)



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