eco printing

what a surprise: a forgotten bundle in pan that needed scouring this morning, for the fresh walnut husk dye

yesterday: a very organised self placed 6 bundles in these glass jars for solar dyeing; I have written what's in each pot, tada fool proof testing.....the cotton strips of fabric used for the bundles have been pre-mordanted in oak apple solution.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an eco print workshop last Thursday with Marijke Bongers, at her Eco Textile Studio, who herself learned a great deal on the subject from India Flint

below are the eco print results, some made after class from scratch at home, others were made in the class, or further evolved at home

how the paper prints might be framed, both sides are rather nice

I did end up washing all the fabric testers in olive oil soap, once thoroughly rinsed and dry, they they were ironed as well, as this makes for easier sewing; also, even if I'm not going to wear them (or anybody else for that matter) once they become Small Pillows, they will be fondled and touched so I don't to risk them being dirty in any way 

Yorkshire Dale Tale gradually coming together, both sides are basted and it is almost done!

the pink is madder, Marijke grows her own


maple & orange from black ink that emanated from the old paper that sat between the fabric; we made 'sandwiches': paper, leaves, fabric, leaves, paper, etc
folded between 2 metal plates, wrapped in a cloth, tied with string, into the dye pot, which sat simmering on the ring, for an hour at least 

ginko leaf resist and some kind of conifer


 lace and maple combined made for a wonderful result, above on wool, below on paper

sweet chestnut from our front garden


bundle back home, folded around a copper pipe, spritzed with vinegar, re-used all the leaves from the workshop, I think I added copper/vinegar water and some iron water as well, oh one cannot be too sure about these things.....if I don't write it down immediately I forget

finally blossoming, Morning Glory raised from seed

am really enjoying this eco printing! health is improving, appointment with my specialist this Friday afternoon, will try & keep you posted


Mo Crow said…
the blue of your morning glory is like a piece of heaven
Liz A said…
I read this yesterday and then dreamed about eco-dyeing last night ... gotta get back to it. Thank you for the nudge ...
Debbie said…
Some wonderful results, its so exciting printing with plants. Love your Yorkshire Dale piece.
Joy said…
the items in your shop are sensational!
Hi Saskia, nice post! I am curious about your testing! xxx Marijke
Nancy said…
Wow Sasx...individually the dye results are amazing and I love when you photograph your pieces in a big group! You make quite the marks! And your Yorkshire Dale still my heart!! Love it! So, so glad you are feeling better. Please DO keep us posted. We care.
Nancy said…
PS Love the new banner, a pillow filled chair! Love your pillows :)
deemallon said…
What incredible results. And what good use you’ll make of it all. I love the blue print pieces in with all those browns. Such a happy marriage.
so MUCH!!!! how GREAT! I would love to be as not,
maybe sometime. so in the meantime, i'll take pleasure here,
Thank You..........
Saskia said…
hi there Grace, well you are otherwise occupied I guess, haha.....goats, family, new place, building etc

thanks Dee, I was/am rather chuffed with the results, am very happy I now know a little bit more about eco-printing and am able to achieve it at home....,meanwhile am very busy with refurbishment .....all will be revealed in next post

thank you too Nancy, the chair comes from my alas deceased favourite uncle's house, not that he was posh or anything like that, but he bought it at an auction 'cos he liked the look of it; I believe he bought a pair, however I have no idea where the other one is

Ha Marijke, well you are the only one who can actually drop by quite easily, so see you soon

okay Joy, thanks a lot!

well Liz, I look forward to seeing your results

Oh Mo, each morning this flower is such a treat
Unknown said…
Always a joy when you show yourself in all the glory of what you have so artistically produced. the group picture .. big wow!



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