sometimes i need quiet

snow is fluttering, very lightly, over here
most of the garden is still green and mud brown
wind blowing from the north east
cold and noisy
the studio is a sanctuary
where needle & thread, paintbrush and paper, gifts from friends
offer the hands a way out of overthinking mind
and the heart solace


jude said…
i'm quietly here with you.
Saskia said…
that is very nice Jude
Nancy said…
A good place to be and stay as long as one needs to. (((hugs)))
buysse maria said…
Saskia , ademen in & uit , samen , it give comfort to the heart , the soul , Big hug for a warm heart persons
Unknown said…
The face with bird on head .. did it paint this? Quiet times ... can be the best of times. ❤
i rest in each image. Breathe.
Anonymous said…
your paintings are free and luminous -- lovely
Hazel Monte said…
Oh, Saskia, such delight in every nook and cranny of your worlds. And Big love for your bird painting.
Saskia said…
dear ladies, thank you all for visiting here and your kind words; feeling a lot lighter, less emotional and generally much better these days, as these things go I suppose
have been to stay with my parents and am determined to spend more time (or as much is possible) with people I care about, how often have I said this to self and how often do I stray from the path.....
anyway, Spring is in the air and as long as the sun keeps on shining I look forward to this new year!



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