being at home, a work in progress

 twirling, 2 seperate small journeys, balancing each other on a thin reed (I would very much like to keep them together ánd on this delicate stalk, however I think I will have to find something sturdier) there are already so many stitches, yet so many more to go, like living life come to think of it

The dress & the windsock each have a house, a home.
I realise homes can mean many different things, depending on where you happened to land.

If you are lucky you were born into a home where you were made to feel welcome and loved, protected and safe, most of the time anyway; however there are many homes where growing up would be a pretty lonely affair, loveless, violent even; the blue-print for our lives is set, it impacts on how we dare te dream; no matter that we always have a choice once we’re all grown-up and responsible for our own actions; it is hard work this business of living a life.......we sleep, eat, watch tv, make love, relax, fight in our homes; we watch our children growing up, leaving and returning home. 
We might be bored by the humdrum familiarity of being at home, and yet, where would we be without this sense of belonging? Lost and looking for ‘a home’ I’m guessing, it took me quite a while to find one


home, as fertile ground and refuge
Anonymous said…
a 'sense of belonging' -- elusive, treasured. you help me have perspective on what matters.
Ms. said…
Longing to be, we become the home we long for...carry it within...outside ourselves, home is all the expressions of that longing we make...the decor, gardens, food, friends, lovers, children. Everything - the roof, the floor, the hills beyond and sky above. HOME.

Debbie said…
I was just reading about homeless people living in Bristol, our nearest large town, how appropriate to be reading this straight after.
susan hemann said…
love your current work in progress, how about a branch instead of the reed?
Liz A said…
being at home is so grounded ...
Hazel said…
A long time for me, too. I've been thinking about all of this lately, how learning to belong to yourself is a kind of homecoming. Loved this post.
Saskia said…
refuge it is Grace, and then it can all begin, for real

wow Dee, I often feel I fail to grasp what matters, not for want of trying

true Michelle, within ourselves, although as I have mentioned to Dee, I too often lose sight of what actually matters

god Debbie, being homeless must be awful, in so many ways....

hi Susan, yes a branch could work, have now used an old brush (one of my dad's, talk about belonging)

and grounded is basically (hi, hi) what it's all about here on EARTH Liz

and heartfelt too Mo

'learning to belong to yourself' self-acceptance is one of my personal definitions of happiness Hazel, very much so (even if the idea or sense of happiness isn't foremost in my mind all the time, not consciously at least, it's best when I can forget myself)
Nancy said…
It is worth it tonight to be so late to this party because each comment that has come before adds something so rich, I find myself nodding in agreement. I'm also recently considering how the sens and practicalities of what 'home' means to us sure changes, evolves over time. My children, long grown, now live in their far-away homes...very independent of me and each other. This is so different than how I had long ago imagined this time would be. And yet time marches on, creating a new, refined and no less wonderful sense of home. xo
Saskia said…
what we imagine might happen & then what actually does happen Nancy...never quite matching, or maybe not at all
as long as we can accept that, it'll all be okay (more or less)



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