Dutch Indian Summer

working title 'sunrise sunset'
might stick
still have a little sewing to do: the seams fold away neatly, a couple more stitches will help keep them in place; I knew I wanted it as a hanging object, but it was only when I remembered I had wire-bracelet-leftovers I knew how!

it feels very much like an Autumn piece, soft and warm 


Marti said…
Spiraling down into the tunnel of autumn, warm colors, depth, imagination- a spectacular seasonal cloth Saskia.
Dana said…
This is so entrancing! I love the "suns" in their pale blue skies, but I especially love the subtle mottle of the gray field. It looks like fingerprints and I want to touch it too.
Ms. said…
Oh---won't that be gorgeous lit!
jude said…
love the patching
Mo Crow said…
love how your subtle colours combine to reflect the spirits of place
Saskia said…
Marti: the spiral allows for movement, such a leap (for me at least) in the work

thanks Dana, you know I didn't even like the mottled cloth until I found a use for it

yes Grace, it is

Michelle, I have come to realise, as I am a relative newcomer to working with cloth, that I particularly like the possibility of light shining through the cloth

well, you taught me Jude, and thank you!

you know Mo, I never begin with the an idea of place, always with the available bits of fabric, and as I have yet to master dyeing with f.e. indigo, the resulting colours will be muted



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