bright blue skies

have been adding bird-like critters to the small pillows

this one has been sold

prepping for the coming week, as I'll be in Greece and hope to make more small pillows in the sun


Liz A said…
Greece! My daughter brought back the best olive oil I ever tasted when she went to Greece. 13 years ago and I'm still thinking about it! Happy eating and stitching (among other things).

And please stop by the blog ... your pin is done (though not yet mailed)
so much expression in their little legs!

i Love your home so much
susan hemann said…
wonderful birds on your sweet pillows, how can i purchase one?
Debbie said…
So expressive your little birds, still loving your pillows. I would like to buy one as well.
Saskia said…
Liz I dropped by. So looking forward to your peace badge. Lovely post btw.

Yes,we are happy het in our blue home. You would feel very much at home here Grace
Nancy said…
Oh I love, love, love these! I also love your home...such a sweet welcoming space. Enjoy your trip.
Saskia said…
Debbie and Susan: if you are still interested, you can see new Small Pillows in the next post, with more details
contact me via email if you have any questions



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