what are they?

my absence was noticed: been here all the time, just not posting or commenting much; this happens from time to time, especially once Spring has arrived: the sun pulls me outdoors and looking at the laptop just doesn't seem as appealing; plus I have discovered yoga, am practising 6 days a week and loving it.....I have been making the small pillows - in the evenings mainly - and have finished the large one, it's like a ship carrying cargo, or it could be a whale; I imagine children playing with these soft toys, telling each other stories......


i like this a lot...seeing them here, in community, together.
to me, they might be places to put, to set, some fragile thing,
a thought, a secret feeling,
something a being might be unsure of
a small pillow to set it on and consider. to find out more....

i have missed your presence.

the one under the feet of the left side bird...with the "polkadots"....
i would like to purchase that one if it might leave it's community.

i see it as something i might have just on a windowsill in the new Hut
in case a child might be inclined to rest something there. I think of
Destiny. she is 9 now and has many feelings that might want this
to happen. Please Email me if this is possible?
Nancy said…
Oh, to see them all here...together...
to see bits poking out, like most of one of your beloved (by me) dogs
Tree and Bird stamps, your...YOUR fabrics and stitches and edges and patterns...
Each one oh so wonderful on its own...and then, together.
Oh my

Grace~ Love your thoughts here too :)
Ms. said…
It's the lightness of them that enchants. What are they? Pillow mats for tiny buddhas to sit upon, charming single gifts in small mailers with cards that say..."A pillow to soften your heart", Strung together in perfect balance--a mobile. :-->
Debbie said…
Good to see you back, I haven't been posting much either, in the middle of many projects.
I really love all you small pillows and the large one, I just want to lie down and sink into them
Mo Crow said…
cushioning comforting compassion
Saskia said…
hi Grace, the pillow is yours, as agreed in the email.
also, I am so happy you want it for a child

all together Nancy, for now that is as 3 have been sold!! however I will keep on stitiching

tiny buddha mats, absolutely Michelle, for one of them belongs to the grumpy BuddhaBird, it's on loan for the duration of the picture taking....

conpassion is such an important quality Mo, not easy when confronted with difficult individuals, maybe I should start throwing pillows at certain persons, haha

p.s. the one with the Hare and Moon and the little one next to it with the red corner have also been sold (yay, they are travelling and will become part of other people's lives)
Anonymous said…
what a lovely 'community' as Grace says of energy, stitch, imagination. your work is so wonderful. as are you!
Saskia said…
I love you too Grace

oh Dee, what a sweet thing to say, thank you; support like this keeps me going
jude said…
just soft spots. i sit in each one. feel safe
Saskia said…
thnx Jude, feeling safe is big
zenergie said…
Hi Saskia! I came across your pillows thru Grace's ( thx Grace) blog. Lovely pillows. Is the pillow with the embroidered dog still available? If so, I'm interested! Thanks so much! xx Sandi
Saskia said…
hi Sandi, the Dog Pillow is yours, if you agree to the price that is; I don't know if you heard from Grace how much they cost?? 25 euro's plus P&P (which is 6,65 euro's to the USA)
welcome here!
my email is saskiavanherwaarden@gmail.com
mail me your address and we can settle the details



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