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 last weekend my mother, sister and I travelled north to Copenhagen for a long weekend, mainly to visit family - my mum's Danish - and celebrate a cousins-get-together, all organized by our mother, who is still a very active woman; the trip to Copenhagen has become a tradition in itself now, since this is the fourth year we went there in March (our dad and brother get to spend quality time together back at my parents' home) it is always such a jolly occasion and we get to catch up on all sorts of family gossip, as you may well imagine

 I added animals and fruits to these small pillows, they were gifts for our hosts

we stayed with my auntie M. where I recognize several pieces, love how she framed this one with the light shining through

my sister and I slept in my aunt's bed, at first we were accompanied by Fido the dog; once he realised his mistake he pottered on down stairs to lay by his mistresses's side
we did not merely visit relatives, for the benefit of our cultural education we (re)visited Charlottenborg, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts * where I spent a magical Summer back in 1987 painting huge canvases tacked onto the floor; many hours were whiled away in the small garden to the back, we, i.e. a couple of students, had a key to the back door hidden in the wall, so we were able to wander in and out all hours of the night & day 

back to 2017: in the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition * my spirits were uplifted by this grand old lady, still going strong at age 90!
Aase Seidler Gernes (b 1927)
'her exhibition contains works that span her entire artisitc oeuvre; since the 1950's she has created colourful textile works such as tapestries, tablecloths and unique clothing, all featuring characteristic patterns and geometric compositions'

 back home once more; went for a walk with Django on Thursday, as you can see it was very sunny and warm, oh how we northeners love the sun.....I had to pull myself across the water on this foot ferry, Django stood barking as he dare not step on and it was only as I alighted on the other side he decided he just had to jump into the water and swim across as I had no intention of hauling myself back again

 we step onto very dry, bare land, enjoying the quiet spaces; we didn't meet anyone during the entire walk, sometimes it's like that in our crowded country, even on a day like this

 adding yet more beings to the small pillows, a Funny man and a Party bird, making my husband burst out laughing

well, I guess laughter is good for the soul


Marti said…
Back and forth, to and fro, this post is a delight, filled with joy, family, laughter, water flow and swimming dog, it feels good to step into your space on this Sunday. Thanks Saskia.
Maria buysse said…
hey Saskia 'tis waar de warme lente dag deed ons goed !!!
you pillows are so lovely the invite to play to conversation
to share , i enjoyed , thanks for let us be part of it .
the Funny Man looks like he would really be a lot of FUN....!
Nancy said…
Having just today taken a bit of a hike, I am glad to see where your walk took you. How nice to have that family time and to see wonderful art and be reminded of your days of Arts and Life education.
Delightful post :) Thanks.
Mo Crow said…
Wow what a great post full of "the muchness" as the Mad Hatter said to Alice
Suzanna said…
I love seeing your little pillows and the wonderful exhibition!
Debbie said…
Just love your small cushions the last two are hilarious
Saskia said…
Debbie: the last two are actually one, two-sided fun

isn't she amazing Suzanna

love the muchness Mo, Alice & comrades hold a lot of Wisdom, must reread

oh visiting family is the best Nancy, pure & simple

yes Grace, and that is why he's joined by the Party Bird

am very happy to share Maria, so much more so now everyone is joining in

Marti, delight in small stuff is what keeps me going, knowing it appeals to others is a big plus

Liz A said…
Saskia -

Interesting ... you recently commented that you has somehow missed the peace pin post on my blog, and in looking back here I realized I had missed all your posts since mid-January (when you wrote about Shakey Graves). So somehow a curtain descended between us. Hmmm.

Anyway, I hope you will send an email to me ( with your mailing address as I can't seem to suss out your email address from your profile. Live by technology, die by technology, right?
Saskia said…
Liz, I've just sent you an email with my details.....
Anonymous said…
love coming here... that textile exhibit was incredible. It doesn't surprise me that you painted big canvasses on the floor as a young person or that you had a key to a door in a wall leading to a garden! the man pillow is just great. so, so great. I wonder -- is it a sachet? Such that one would pull his junk to one's nose and sniff? that'd be a hoot!
Saskia said…
LOL Dee, a delightfully outrageous suggestion!

I will put on my 'perhaps-one-day-I-might' list



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