Arjen Lubach, Dutch comedian

I believe the only thing that can save us is laughter!

'tweet re-tweet' 
far from the turmoil on the world stage, at home surrounded by the beings in the studio, loving family members, the dog wagging his tail - apart from his not so subtle nudging urging me outdoors for a walk every 15 minutes or so - a sense of sanity, calm and well-being descends upon all those who dwell here....I feel grateful to be here, alive and healthy in this day & age, despite it all
although I too grapple with many petty so-called first world worries: a new phone that doesn't seem to be uploading the photo's the way I'm used to, hence the lack of posts these past couple of days; two phones arriving instead of one, having to send one back and fill in all kinds of incomprehensible forms; 'stay calm, breathe in breathe out, don't let yourself get upset'
switching energy supply companies, argh, very friendly woman named Claire whom I must have spoken to/emailed 20 times this week (I kid you not) but now if all goes according to plan we will be heating and cooking with renewables instead of adding to climate change* whilst cooking a healthy meal or taking a hot shower!

dealing with 2 different companies and stuff went wrong, not because human beings made mistakes (which we sometimes do) but because their 'systems' failed.....well we have all been there I guess; fortunately in both cases the two women I dealt with, wanted to help, be of service, we talked like real people do, we made jokes, in short we made it; Small Feats

have started practicing yoga again after a botched attempt in a class years ago, a much more intense kind, I think this might be helping as well

(*this is not an alternative fact)

latest small cushion, with a hare-in-hiding, a small green bird, full moon (yep, Jude related) blue silk from my wedding dress, rust marks lino print indigo dye lots of tiny stitches

thinking of sewing the tree-print-patch onto this one, adding a layer 

display on windowsill; the humble toothbrush has become purely decorative, I tried brushing my teeth with it: the wood is just so uncomfortable! too hard in my sensitive mouth, ha

ever expanding and contracting collection of small cushions, where have the other ones gone? memory's a fine thing


Mo Crow said…
beautiful work, have often wondered about making an organic toothbrush out of bristles and wood rather than plastic & nylon... how many toothbrushes have I (we all) thrown out in this lifetime???
Nancy said…
The quilt of softly appealing! And your little snicker, 're-tweet' made me chuckle and reminded me of the childhood joke: "Pete and Repeat were walking down the street. Pete found the money, who was left?" "Pete and Repeat were...." and on and on it went. Good to see you here.
BTW~ What does the sign outside the window say? It caught my eye. :)
Debbie said…
Love your growing collection of cushions, I am making full sized ones off and on, using pieces of eco printed cloth, I hope also to make some smaller ones as well.
I am also thinking of switching energy providers to a cleaner source but dreading the process, you are lucky to have managed to speak to the same person usually we don't get that choice and then they are either in India, Scotland or Ireland with very broad accents which you can't understand and have to keep asking them to repeat themselves.
for Mo, there are neem twigs, teeth cleaning twigs,
chew sticks. People use them all over the world.

yes....humor....whenever possible
Joy said…
I really like your natural and inspiring work, and all the little cushions look like such fun to make, no pressure to construct something really large. Please don't make fun of my President or my country, I don't make fun of yours.
Sue McQ said…
Oh, those little cushions! If you had a shop and were nearby, I would be there in a nano second.
Saskia said…
I do believe your toothbrush would look great Mo

the sign is from a cemetery and displays opening hours; a friend of mine picked it up somewhere and had nowhere to leave it, so it ended up here Nancy

they are slowly gathering momentum Debbie, maybe I should aim for a certain number? include others, like in a project??

humour rules Grace

thanks Joy, the first step on a 1000 mile journey starts with one small step; as to making fun of your president, I have no intention of making fun of anyone, although I do find he manages quite well without me; BTW we have a king, his name is Willem Alexander, he has an excellent sense of humour and laughs a lot WITH us all

shame you don't then Susan, you are more than welcome; as mentioned above am not quite sure where they are all heading..... keep you posted
Anonymous said…
your collection of pillows feels like a haptic (word from Mo!) exploration of the five pillows in yr son's room away from home (best not to ask, as you say!) which is to say, an exploration of home and what gives comfort. The collection is wonderful. Won't it be hard to separate them, one from the other?
Saskia said…
You know Dee, I haven't quite figured out what is going to happen with these pillows (some have already found new homes)
some days I think: they must stay together like an ever expanding, organic piece, haptic as you say; other times I'm like, perhaps they should leave and make their way in the BigWorldOutThere, whilst within the studio they keep on procreating......hmmmmm, have to wait and see
Julie S said…
just saw the election results. I think you should give a pillow to every one of your countrymen (mostly ).
Saskia said…
ha Julie, you think they would appreciate them?
re the election: the nation sighs a sigh of relief



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