self indulgence; part three, addendum

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verb  in·dulge \in-ˈdəlj\
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  • : to allow (yourself) to have or do something as a special pleasure
  • : to allow (someone) to have or do something even though it may not be proper, healthy, appropriate, etc.
  • : to patiently allow (someone) to do or say something
Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
 I had promised one or two of you I would display all I had bought during this trip, embarrassing as it may be considering just how much it is! So here goes, apart from the very interesting assortment of paper bags and whatnot, there are many items of interest; I have attempted to sort the wares according to various themes, thereby circumventing, one hopes, confusion in the face of so many variables.

I simply could not resist this particular book, although I have no idea if I will actually read it as there are so many more books I will want to finish as well (see below)

In Scarthin Books* in Cromford we bought this book and magnificent ordnance survey map, the latter practically saved our lives out on the peak tops!

There are many things to love about the Brits, one thing being their lack of placing path signs where you would expect them, or if you do happen to stumble upon a wooden pointer in the middle of nowhere - desperate for a cup of tea, realising the village you expected to have reached by now is probably a long way off - it has decayed to such an extent the words have become completely illegible. Hence the saying 'if you know where you are, the broken down sign will only confirm this; if you don't you are lost' which is a phrase the husband and I reiterated at least five times every hour during our five-hour hikes; we got lost as often as we could, that was of course part of the fun, if not the plan. Thank goodness we had the OS map to eventually lead us out of the wilderness to civilisation and a soothing cup of tea.

The guide was no help whatsoever; the author might just as well have given us this advice: 'after debarkation from the ferry, please remember to drive on the lefthand side of all roads; enter the first book shop you happen to find in the region you are likely to go hiking; please buy this book (or any of the others I have written) ignore everything I have written as this will only confuse you, thank you for buying my book'

Truly, I love this.

sorry a little rant:
One of my pet grudges against Dutch society in general is how infantile we have let ourselves become in regards to signage; the Dutch are completely bonkers when it comes to signposts, we have for reasons unbeknownst to me as a nation a complete and utter fear of getting lost; I bet you if we were to get rid of 75% of all the signs in the Netherlands we wouldn't miss them, seriously. Think about that.
We had been away for just over a week, I kid you not, and there on the signposts in the woods round the corner there was an added disc marking out yet another footpath on every signpost (of which there are way too many to begin with) throughout the entire wood! the so-called Klompenpad i.e. clogs path, though how on earth someone would want to tread miles on clogs is beyond me....but we have signs galore marking the way

* by far the most exciting book shop I have visited ever! more on this later as I dedicate a post to all the book shops we visited

12:15hrs sorry, posting cut short as I have to get to the office in time; my first afternoon since we got back....continued next day Tuesday 23 Aug:

13 in total

edibles and beverages

mugs! read the book in 1993 according to my 'books-I-have-read-notebook'
it is now the second of it's kind in our possession (the start of a collection?) the first one's Virginia Woolf's A room of one's own, which we also bought in the UK a couple of years ago at Charleston, summer of 2012; I found the dog in the shop named
Blue Dog in Clare, the rustic one was bought in Scarthin Books.
apart from a couple of books in Harris and Harris Bookshop in Clare I also bought these very cute milk jugs/vases; the friendly shop owner explained they were made by her mother who is no longer with us and she would have been delighted that they continue to sell, as she very much favoured the idea all that she made was actually used; I'm holding on to the two top ones and the other two are gifts for two dear friends, so I'm not keeping everything! The butter tub comes from Hudgie's Hardware store a few doors away from the book shop; it's a delightful shop with a wide assortment of both table/kitchen-ware and garden utensils, as well as lots of other stuff you would expect to find in a traditional hardware store.

one of the books I bought in this particular book shop is The Art of Mindful Baking, not that I'm baking a lot these days although I have done so in the past, but because I find it hard to resist such a visually pleasing and stimulating book; the fact that the press is named The Leaping Hare Press of course only adds to it's appeal

two magnets of interesting spots we visited but I didn't happen to take pictures of: the Corpus Clock & Chronophage in Cambridge, see video above for more info
The bottom magnet is of the Winter Garden with Himalayan silver birches at Anglesey Abbey, a mesmerizing experience thanks to the eerie light reflecting off the white tree trunks

almost forgot this dish cloth by Sam Wilson, who also designed the postcards and the bird-shaped birdfeeder; what I meant to say was I had forgotten about the bird feeder too, it's not a Sam Wilson design


Anonymous said…
brave to reveal, interesting to see. I would've wanted to buy most of this stuff too. love the bit about signage! As a person who has a terrible sense of direction and for whom getting lost is a normal part of life, I wonder about all the people being denied that experience because of GPS!
Nancy said…
I'm one of those who is glad you decided to share your new treasures! Books, mugs, lovelies and a bit to eat or drink...the essence of life! And of course hares and dogs!
Geting lost on every trip has become tradition around here :)
Saskia said…
me too Dee & Nancy, get lost very easily, if not always by choice; we make the most of it and often come across people/places we wouldn't otherwise have encountered, so I'm all for getting Lost!



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