how her hair moves with the light shining thru

how thru light stitches become lines, how the many armed goddess needs more lines to express this, how she is more than can be seen, how limited my talents as her creator, how we have to deal with that, how prints offer definition, how two circles lead to thoughts of a mate, how they must somehow become united, how one thing leads to another, how the title is now 'my world' 


deemallon said…
"how two circles lead to thoughts of a mate" - yes! can't wait to see how you tie them/stitch them together. so many stitches there -- it's really something to behold. just wow.
Saskia said…
so many stitches indeed, I sometimes think I should start counting, haha; I always love how clarity of vision on how to forge ahead literally becomes apparent after (scary) alterations such as this print have been executed
Mo Crow said…
love the shimmer of contrast in the white stitches
Saskia said…
makes it all move, Mo
more and more magnificant....the translucence, how the lines call to
one's brilliant and Excellent and i love it
Very Much
Saskia said…
it's growing on me too Grace



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