long weekend

the house northface;
last weekend the lads and I did a bit of wood chopping and sawing and we
built storage from bits and bobs

 this easter weekend, in our optimism and desire to make the most of the extra hour we decided to eat our evening meal al fresco, hence our eldest built a fire in the firepit, where he treated us to a wonderful dinner: marinated goose filet, fried onions and sliced new potatoes; it was all rather yummy and we sat in relative peace, when all of a sudden a windy, rainy storm was upon us and amid much giggling and running back and forth, we ended up at the kitchen table and managed to continue eating whilst the eldest stood cooking indoors! it was a veritable moveable feast

some of the ingredients that went into the marinade

today, Monday, the sun shone and shone and brought such delight, bringing absolute definition to all the blocks of colour and adding an extra dimension to the whole; can I say I fell in love with the cloth hanging there? yes, I guess so

almost all of it is now two layers thick and most of those layers have been stitched together with my beloved running stitch; houses, a boat, the river, stuff is happening in this cloth

the dots are knots

left and right of the cloth you can see how much it resembles our actual mosaic-life

connected to all of the above in ways that defy my attempts at description, on the left my grandad Axel Knudsen, he was an engineer and manager of all of the lighthouses, an important and responsible job in Denmark as there are miles and miles of coastline; life without sea and water nearby, unimaginable   


Debbie said…
This cloth is stunning Saskia. We have had quite a few rainy barbecues but not this early in the year, still to cold but it has been much sunnier than expected recently.
Maria buysse said…
the more closer the more beautyfull ..... falling in love with it is a " gevolg " hoe meer teder het wordt , heerlijk toch om er héél zacht met je vingers over te glijden .... i feel the touch .
Ms. said…
Peaceful pleasure for me to look in on the family and your home, and it is a truly beautiful cloth-hard to imagine all those stitches...I love the colors! Grandad Axel was quite a fellow and, though I live not close to the two rivers here, close enough to walk a few blocks to the East River, and not too far from the Hudson with a bus West. It makes a big psychological difference.
The cloth is MAGNIFICANT!!!! such such illuminated BEAUTY!!!!!!!
makes me want to MAKE one, but i don't need a curtain but i want to
MAKE a curtain but i don't need one...ad infinitum so i will satisfy
myself by looking here.

Love the firepit kitchen
Unknown said…
Wonderful to see at photo of my father, your grandfather. He was a kind man. I am at present rereading letters from him to me and my family from 1961 to 1968, the year he died, 68 years old. He is in his letters always very interested in his grandchildren. Luckily he kept all my letters from me all those same years. I am sorting out the last 50 odd letters and am reliving those years! And there he is, my father, in his prime!
Anonymous said…
oh your back-lit work! sigh sigh.
Saskia said…
thank you Debbie
up close it is intense, Maria
the colours keep on changing with the light, which is one of the things I like about fabric Michelle
many thanks Grace
good to know he was a kind man, mama
sighing along with you Dee....
Sue McQ said…
Hi Saskia...just found your blog via "I'm Going to Texas" blog. Love your cloth above. I have recently started stitch work similar to this and find it so liberating and satisfying. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and treasure!
Blessings from Sue in Illinois, USA
Saskia said…
hi Susan, how lovely you dropped by, thank you for your very kind comment; do you have a blog as I am interested in seeing your work? I clicked on your name and only got as far as a goodgle+ link
Yvette said…
hoe mooi je stitchwork....really in love with all thestitches
and rainy bbq's are the best because they let us laugh



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