How emotions sucker-punch me to tears

How oftentimes the tears don’t Mean Anything. How sometimes they do, and how then does one tell the difference?
A woman’s tears are meaningless, according to many men.
My retort “just as the gentle man’s kiss-whisper ‘I love you’ in my ear as he comes inside of me, is likewise meaningless”
These divergent means of communicating, if we’re lucky, may have satisfying results, though perhaps not always the ones we sought.

poor bird, flew against the reflecting window, boink and now it's fly fodder

as the tiny toads march back and forth on the path into the woods, they are easy targets for all the heavy-footed transgressors of their territory; one can count the tiny vertebrae in it's squashed body - ouch; the bumble bee is one of many, they're buzzing away in our lime tree and dropping drunk and dying all over the garden path, I imagine it died a happy death

Emotions, feelings, tears and laughter; images in this post strike me as meaningless in and of themselves, however, the objects moved me, in a wordless way and became meaningful, and frustrated at not having the words to communicate what it is I want to say, I mutter stuff, such as ‘beautiful, breathtaking, sad, joyous

how this proud stick bearer always manages to make me smile

coot chicks chasing their mother, away from me

how the bright, morning sun casts sharp shadows

how the shirt after a second dye came out full of bruises, like the aging skin on my legs, where bruises appear after I bumped into god knows what god knows where - how this evokes an emotion

how the black feather embraces a rainbow 

how a landscape reveals itself on the previously dyed jacket after a wicking session and therefore becomes far more interesting 

how all of these small things add up, amounting to a personal way of seeing the world, in itself not particularly special or even unique; how noticing certain things matters to me 


Marti said…
Sometimes we need to just feel, to cry, to anger, to sigh, to wonder, to care, to love - to just be with it all and that to me, is as important if not more so than the ability to give words to what surrounds us.
Anonymous said…
the shirt look like summer coulor shadows of light yes blue stamps i know more about that somethimes my legs are a blue night shadow
sas my finger is healing no operation for now !!!!! isn't that good !!!
i'm so lazy these hot days and sit with my feet in the cold water tank
ceep cool as you are a cool lady yourself
groetjes M.
Saskia said…
true Marti, very true

let's hope the weather improves in August M........
Mo Crow said…
this post brings a few tears in sympathy for this beautiful fragile existence & I love the blue in your pocket
Liz A said…
I hear you and I believe I understand ...

There is solace to be found in cloth and perhaps in kindred spirits, too

Peace be with you, dear heart
Nancy said…
I remember when I first learned this word, embarrassingly not as far back as one would think,and I fell in love with it because it says EVERYTHING without really saying anything recognizable.
adjective: ineffable

too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.
"the ineffable natural beauty of the Everglades"
synonyms: indescribable, inexpressible, beyond words, beyond description, begging description; indefinable, unutterable, untold, unimaginable;
overwhelming, breathtaking, awesome, marvelous, wonderful, staggering, amazing
"the ineffable, surging joy of the Beatles"
unutterable, not to be uttered, not to be spoken, unmentionable, forbidden, taboo
"the ineffable name of God"
not to be uttered.
"the ineffable Hebrew name that gentiles write as Jehovah"

As far as the topo map it! this to me, All This, very much is kin to what i am trying
to uhhh, identify as my own peculiar sense of the thing of Mercy.

it's ALL Mercy to's the tenderness and sharp edge of Living, this
peculiar kind of Mercy...

THANK YOU for giving me a glimpse through Your eyes/heart, it helps me.

Your Wicking is always beyond Beyond.
Anonymous said…
words can never be meaningless when they open a window like this and allow empathy and connection... much love to you
Saskia said…
Mo, fragile, another one of those words that ring true when contemplating these minute glimpses of what Matters

I do believe you do too, Liz

omg Nancy, there's a word for all of this 'ineffable', i have added this to my vocabulary; big hug and thank you

oh the wicking has been generous, Grace, i think it's (also) to do with the hot weather we're experiencing! and yes, i feel the same current is running through us

empathy, Dee, another one of those most important characteristics a person should possess, without which life would feel very hollow and superficial, lacking in connection; there are indeed many words circling what truly matters.....much love to you too

thank you ALL for your insightful, heartfelt comments, they help me



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