drama at glen house

the day before yesterday my cousin F., my husband and I went to Glen House for an open air performance of Hamlet, which in itself was a pretty amazing event. Perhaps even more amazing was the fact we were staying as house guests in Glen House, everything about it is Big. We had been invited as F. knows the present owners, lucky us right.

inscriptions Salve and Vale above main entrance into the courtyard, offering the visitor 'greetings' as you walk in and bestowing a 'be well' upon one as you leave
bells downstairs in the cellar, yet again proof of how large the house is (f.e.22 bedrooms)

one of the back doors out into the garden to where the play would be performed

above and below views from one of the living room bay windows

Glen 2015

absolutely adore the grass borders

above and following photo's of the views from 'our' bedroom

how romantic a four poster bed!
D's name misspelt

we slept in the bedroom, left bay window with triangles, second floor; the floor on ground level is in fact the cellar

tent serving as actor's changing room as there are many changes with a limited number of actors for all the different roles; Hamlet was the only one who remained himself throughout the play; I'd never seen Hamlet before and would fully recommend watching the play en plein air, what took me by surprise is how funny Hamlet is; am determined to see more of Shakespeare live!

we, the public, sat either on an assortment of chairs, or reclined on the Persian rugs; fortunately the weather was clement and we all staid dry, halfway through the play however the midgets were upon us

on the left Hamlet's uncle (murderer of his brother, Hamlet's father) together with Hamlet's mother, on the right Hamlet

the scene in the graveyard, with the famous quote 'alas poor Yorick! I knew him Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy....'

the end of the play

our view as we woke up the next morning; we had a most wonderful time here, thank you so much mrs T. Tennant (and B of course) for having us
alas, it endeth here


FvD said…
Lovely that you spotted Doocot/Duco - how serendipitous! I didn't explain and probably you already worked it out - Doocot is Scots for Dovecot, where the doves/ pigeons live. A fun thing to look out for on your Caledonian travels.
Liz A said…
A midsummer dream ...
Marti said…
"we are such stuff that dreams are made on..." from Shakespeare's The Tempest. To see any Shakespeare play outdoors is to truly feel the magic of his words. When we lived in California, we took our teenage daughters to the California Shakespeare Theater where all of the plays are held in the East Bay foothills, a beautiful settings of hills and majestic oak trees. We saw The Tempest and it was the perfect setting for this particular play. I have a special fondness for this play because when I was pregnant, I wanted to name the child I was carrying Ariel, for the sprite in the play but my husband didn't go for the name...

What a wonderful time you are having Saskia. Your photos of the land, the stone walls, this place where you stayed, takes me back to 2006 when Rich and I had one of our best vacations ever in Ireland, the landscape of my heart.
Mo Crow said…
wow what a magic place!
deanna7trees said…
how wonderful. thanks for sharing.
Nancy said…
This looks like a wonderful experience! What an amazing place to stay...so much green and wonderful garden walls. So peaceful, I could be there for hours!
Midgets are bugs?
Anonymous said…
yes thank you for sharing , remember our time long ago ,the past and the moment toghetter in one , go through many adventures , what a experience isn't it .
groetjes M.
Debbie said…
Magical place to stay, I always wanted to live in one of these like fairy castles.
Anonymous said…
oh wow! amazing. I especially love love the pictures taken through the windows... is that a quilt thing? color/form broken into rectangles? not sure. Anyway, continue to have a wonderful time!
Saskia said…
hi FvD, I didn't work it out actually, so thx for this new insight into Scots ...and ThankYou for a lovely stay, you are quite the perfect host!

'twas Liz

where in Ireland did you travel Marti? I/we have been several times, it is quite extraordinary

magic indeed Mo! you would have Loved the gardens and wide open spaces

you are most welcome Deanna

Nancy: midgets are tiny mosquitoes, even more irritating if that's possible!

see you soon M.

haven't we all at one time or another, Debbie? (it's a lot of work though)

Ah Dee, I hadn't thought of the quilt/rectangle thing, however I do know I like to cut stuff up and regroup, so maybe my take on the world is fragmented, I'm prone to zoom in on details



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