Synagoge Buren February 2024, preview

 a lost lady, please give her a hand 2024 collage ca. 12x12cm 

één 2024 collage ca. 19x24cm

 counter point & éthiques 2024 collage ca.19x24cm

 sérénité ou Nietzsche 2024 collage ca.19x24cm

la fleur de la vie 2024 assemblage ca. 18x20cm

story without words 2024 leporello

we all have a mother 2024 collage 2022 ca. 22x26cm

 partridge in a pear tree 2024 collage ca. 32x42cm

rebellion 2024 collage ca. 22x26cm

motherhood 2024 collage ca.19x24cm

she walks the dog everyday or is it the other way 'round 2024 collage ca. 19x24cm

in beeld; kom je op de thee 2024 collage ca.19x24cm

la psychanalyse 2024 collage ca. 26x35cm

 inspiration is overrated 2024 collage ca. 26x35cm

 an unwanted emotion arises from 2 conflicting thoughts 2024 collage ca. 32x42cm

here's an impression of what it all looks like

the fun starts tomorrow, let's hope we sell well

in the midst of whirlwinds a rainbow

thanks for popping by


what i think is that this is just Magnificant! I am so excited!
TELL, TELL how it goes!
Liz A said…
what an amazing body of work ... and I would recognize it as yours wherever I might see it, even in its diversity of expression ...

and such a lovely setting, with its varied windows and spacious walls

Saskia said…
thXxxx Grace! first day was pretty busy for a Friday afternoon, and what's more over half of the visitors were passersby/ unknown to us, new eyes gazing upon our work, will make an effort to post more after this weekend
Saskia said…
thXxxx Liz, it would have been so much fun to have seen you there ('m referring to your instagram comment)
I'm not sure if I made it clear there are 3 of us exhibiting here, Aukje, Laura and me....of course our work differs but we share a common vibe for sure
Nancy said…
Saskia~ I wish I could be there in person! What a light, bright, beautiful environment to show your work. Please do show more. 🙂
I was thinking how I have so enjoyed watching your work evolve over these many years, but as Liz YOUR work through it all. I look at my cloth from you all of those years ago and can see the connection. Your creativity just keeps on going! Best wishes for a successful show.
Saskia said…
what fun we would have had Nancy! the place was magical and our work created a joyful buzz, and buying frenzy I might add;-)
all in all an excellent weekend and, even better, we've decided to exhibit together in the near future, stay tuned for more news in months to come....xxXxx
buysse maria said…
saskia , ik wou je mailen met de vraag " are you oke ? " dus deze vraag is/was overbodig toch . waar gaat het door ? en tot hoelang nog
zoals Nancy zegt " i wil see it by myself
Saskia said…
hi Maria, ja alles goed hier, leuk druk met kunst-werk en wat daar allemaal bij komt kijken; de tentoonstelling is afgelopen, t was één weekend....
zeer goed verlopen overigens met vele verkopen bij ons alledrie, wat de burger weer moed geeft om door te gaan;-)
hoe is t met jou?



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