New! birthday calendar and Snoopy gush

small clay chandelier, decorated with gesso, watercolours and fake gold-leaf, two birthday-cake candles gives you an idea of the scale
I sense we could all do with a little more light these dark days 

I can hardly claim to keep a blog as I rarely post these days. Not just because I don't think my daily musings/routine/et cetera are interesting enough to warrant the sharing. Not that other people's blogs aren't, interesting that is, it just feels like such a waste of time, this ranting rather than listening. Also I find posting pics on Instagram far easier. The election result in the Netherlands kind of illustrates what I'm trying to convey here....One of the many explanations for the swing to the right has been the inability of politicians and those in power to listen to what many voters perceive to be the real problems and solutions. Left and central parties have been unable to lure voters in. Trying to convince one another is, in my book at least, the least viable option: folks don't like being told what to do and what not, they want to be seduced. Which is what Wilders did. I notice I don't really want to mention his name here, but I don't want to turn away from facts either. 
I have by now read countless newspaper articles, watched political interpreters in talk-shows, listened to the news on the radio, leading me to my own conclusion: we live in bubbles and folks are so used to living in a democracy they don't realise how good life is here so we got the result we deserve. Let him try and govern, let's see how the drama unfolds. Maybe things might even work out.

Got that off my chest. Back to my studio: lot's happening here! We, i.e. friends A. & L. and I have a long-weekend exhibit planned at the end of February in the former synagogue in Buren. Meaning new work is in the making. Surprise surprise I find self painting with oils once again, on wooden panels I had prepped with gesso aeons ago.

I've also designed a new birthday calendar, in Dutch this time round; several reasons:
't Lingebos = the Linge woods are just around the corner from where we live and the wild animals (wilde dieren) I have depicted all live there
birthday calendars are a typically Dutch phenomenon I've been told however I imagine non native speakers of the Dutch language understand what month is what - they are for sale btw € 20, details in shop or email me directly if you are interested

'hou me vast' = 'hold me' 2023 
oil on wood, each panel measures ca. 10,5x10,5 cm top to bottom, left to right 32x32 cm (12.6 in)
a self portrait me thinks, ha!

excited to have this to look forward to! after having read an interview with Sarah Bakewell I ordered the book straight away and have since watched this interview on youtube

Snoopy is growing fast! He's almost no longer a puppy, in the sense that he's fast losing his awkwardness as he was tripping over his own too-large-paws. He's much better proportioned and well on his way to becoming quite the handsome young dog I had imagined. We walk and train together each day and he's keen to learn and teach me patience. When I whistle twice he comes running up to me, treat or no treat, just because he can't resist (me). The evenings are spent with Snoop and me cuddled up in fab chair I bought at the fair last August. I get to do my crosswords and he gets to nap on my lap until it's time to go to bed. After a couple of at times frustrating weeks, we are all growing used to one another. His frolicking and exuberance bring such joy these days, I find self looking forward to ever longer walks with my faithful companion.



so glad you took this time today....i don't do Instagram, so, this
us Great! Thank you
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) love the tiny chandelier, these are strange days indeed... Shine On!
Liz A said…
each morning I read the blogs, sometimes commenting, most times not ... I haven't posted in well over a month and find myself wondering why (or why not) ... it's delightful to see how Snoopy has grown
Nancy said…
So, you had a birthday?
Well then, “Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag” (did I do that right?)
Here, as a child, I had what is called a "Birthday Book" - a book of dated days to record births, deaths, anniversaries etc. When I was a kid, I wrote, in a messy, childlike hand, the birthdays of friends who did not matter to me a season later. I was always sorry that I'd messed it up and wished that it had been kept neat and pristine. I wonder what I think about that now? I love the animals of your calendar. I'm the April Frog!! haha
It is hard to contemplate the disaster of the world stage on politics and all. Too much.
Your 'hold me' reminded me of the fortune tellers I made a while back. I half expected to see the next photo being a condensed lil box/cube of those squares. :)
The synagogue is a beautiful space. I hope you will share your exhibit.
And darling Snoopy, looks so soft to pet! Those paws still look like some growing room is left, but I'm glad you've found a rhythm together.
Saskia said…
hi Grace, happy to oblige [the writing down is good for my thoughts and soul too, so even if there are no readers at least my mind becomes lighter, making room for new ideas]
Saskia said…
hi there Mo, since a couple of months now I've been dabbling in clay on Wednesday evenings together with a couple of art-friends! inspiring and great fun.....I have made tiny objects for The Dwelling and hope to be posting more on that soon
Saskia said…
forever questioning ourselves, right Liz?
for what it's worth: I love reading your posts
and yes, Snoopy's becoming big and handsome;-)
Saskia said…
no birthday Nancy, I used birthday-cake candles to illustrate the size;
your Dutch congratulations are spot on:-)
almost every diary, notebook, whatever starts out 'neat' and all too soon chaos reigns, seems I've never outgrown that part of me; how about you? did this improve? if so, how did you manage? ((hugs)))



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