hares, dogs, butterflies

'touchy-feely' collage

am also working on my OBK book, writing new chapters and making a sort of mock-one-off version of what may one day become an actual book, early days, so for now no images to share!

on the wall together with several other animals, speaking of.....

went to visit you-know-who, they move about a bit too fast for me and camera;-)

what we like to call a butterfly bush in Dutch (Buddleja davidii) doing it's job in the garden

some of the things I've been up to these past weeks:

visited hugely fascinating exhibition in Artis Micropia, together with my sister, all about microscopically small organisms, and possible uses such as mycelium for making furniture and items of clothing


We spent a couple of days in Wismar on the German coast, former DDR territory, a lovely break for just us two before Digger's arrival next weekend.
On our drive North the husband came up with a new name: he noticed a campervan with Charlie Brown and Snoopy painted on the rear end, looked at me and suggested 'Snoopy' would be a perfect name for the new dog! Yes I know cute ánd corny, I'm tempted not just because I used to collect them as a teenager, gosh that was a long time ago, it just sounds so sweet and in Dutch it is exactly that: snoep=candy, 'snoepie' is an endearment, like 'sweetie'. As I continue to roll it around in my mouth I do sense this will be his nickname, with Digger Skogaholms as his official name.

toilet sign in Itzehoe, more corniness but hey it makes me smile
the sea, Insel Poel peninsula

our airbnb, quirky and full of surprises
you know you're in the right place with a toilet roll holder like this!

Once back home we went to an old highschool friend's 60th birthday celebration party right in the centre of Amsterdam, which is where she lives these days, got to see some Old friends and meet New Folks. I seem to be all over the place, I'm not on a day to day basis, or that's not how it feels, but as I'm blogging more and more bubbles up and I realise I actually do get to wander around a bit.

Meanwhile in our Summer garden, a couple of Turtle doves have discovered our birdbath by Hank Beelenkamp, a piece I was allowed to have from our parents' garden, seeing as we are the only ones with a decent-sized garden:

The Dwellers get to enjoy Summer veggies 

all things fade

I go for a swim every day with the dogs, 
Django's used to it, Viggo seems half-surprised by my bobbing-bodyless-head 

may life offer you surprises sun and laughter this Summer


Faith said…
My butterfly bush is not blooming yet, but the hummingbirds keep checking on it.
It looks like you've had an active summer, so far.

I saw the MousesHouses link and was curious. I can see why it's one of your favorites! It also amused me that I had "to go" to The Netherlands to discover someone less than 50 miles from me. I'm entranced by Mouseland and have a computer free friend who would be, too. I'm wondering if her mouse love would enable her to appreciate a children's book or two. (I'm betting yes.)

Then I wondered if the book you mention at the top will be a similar style, illustrated by pictures of the residents of that fantastic house you've built.

And I love that "snoepie" = "sweetie," because that's what it always seemed like to me. It's a snuggly word.
Saskia said…
hi Faith, taking care of a garden is a lesson in patience, is how I see it;-)
every morning I wander out to see what has happened when I wasn't looking, which flowers opened up, which ones are attracting insects, noticing how the same flower behaves differently in one spot from the next one....and simply waiting for the plants to reveal themselves....the Buddleja has been here several years now and it always disappointed: hardly any flowers and therefore hardly any butterflies, finally this year: lots of everything!
Together with lots of Teasels close by it has become a superduper corner for insects.
I have only recently 'discovered' MaggieMouse, through Instagram in fact, but of course enjoy what she's up to. My book will be quite different I think.
There is a Dutch Muizenhuis (will add it to my favourites) that is fun, but has become pretty commercial, so slightly less interesting, I have nothing against selling etc. but it is a little off-putting to me at least.

Next week will probably be full of Snoopy pictures:-)

Liz A said…
Snoopy/Snoepie sounds like a great choice with its double meaning ... and I love how the puppies' ears are growing ... the liver colored one looks like my childhood puppy Tarf-the-disturbed

a lovely picture of you ... and I'm thankful that I'll soon be taking my own pictures of the sea ...
Saskia said…
your shared memory of Tarf is priceless Liz (for those who don't yet know it see her comment in Birds, insects & dogs post)
we are so looking forward to his arrival, even though it is going to be a lot of work as well......something to keep me occupied during the Summer months when lots of folks are away on holiday....
enjoy your time by the sea!!
Nancy said…
Saskia~ You look so healthy and beautiful!! Love this pic of you! We saw a very big butterfly the other day. It was the colors of a Monarch, but bigger. I like this new doggie name :) When you wrote it out - in Dutch, saying it is a term of endearment...you had me hearing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mii8aJklEOg
And of course I love seeing the Dwellers, especially all sitting around the table together. xo
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, yes healthy and enjoying Summer, right now very tired thanks to Snoopy! I'd forgotten how much work a puppy is, not to mention lack of sleep....hopefully once he and the other two dogs accept him things will improve in the daily running of our household....
I bet you get really exotic butterflies in California, I mean the huge scope of your landscape has so much to offer!



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