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Trying out new materials and tools, above I've used the willow-ash/gum-Arabic paint and charcoal for painting and sketching; both are made by artist friend Ingrid Geesink, she has a scientific mind and work-method which I lack, but I get to reap the benefits....we share many interests among which our love of (buying) beautiful books, and we're in the mycelium-group I have mentioned in other posts.

Whilst I prepare for the Fair tomorrow I also suffer from terrible back pain. How so, you might ask? Well, yesterday morning after my daily yoga session in which I had managed over a minute in Crow pose [a new record for me] I left the mat feeling pretty proud of self to get some breakfast and just like that: ouch, my lower back scrunched or whatever it was, and I had pulled a's been a long while since I over-stretched my back! I'd forgotten how much that hurts and it hurts like hell.....I tried to keep moving and hot water-bottles offered some relief, but I woke up after a weird night, hardly capable of getting out of bed, so this morning I rang my GP: help, I need pain killers!  am on diclofenac now which doesn't seem to be working, hmmm and I have the Fair tomorrow.....

good company

The aging body has a will of it's own. I know I have been very busy in the garden and studio and visiting friends et cetera, but feels like a let-down. Anyway back to more interesting pursuits: a mycelium experiment, where I've squeezed the 'reishi-spawn' between 2 glass plates, hoping I would get a paper like surface for painting/printing.

It's smoother on this side than the other and the stamp prints, using shop bought alcohol based stampink, have come off rather well

something I saw on Instagram the other day: Samantha Stas on how to use your pill-foils for printing purposes, seeing as I am on pills these days I finally found a use for the darn things! below a combo of the willow dog, me riding the e-bike when I still could! and pill circles in background....

at the Fair I will be offering the latest series of Tree-of-Life paintings for sale and several giclée prints, mainly of birds and one or two trees
a new tool in my studio is an ipad pro! amongst other things I'm learning how to make the originals printable, with the help of artist friend Ien van Laanen

before my injury I was up and about, painting of course, blissfully unaware of bodily frailty, and to my surprise I painted a female figure when I thought I was going to paint a bird, she's footless but she does have 2 hands, I love painting hands 

 wish me luck for tomorrow, fortunately younger son and husband are here to help me set up and dismantle...

one thing I've learned these past couple of days: when in need, just ask 

addendum, Fair Impression:


Marti said…
No luck needed for your tree of life paintings will enchant all who see them. Much success to you at the Fair, Saskia.

I am sending a healing hug to you for your back; I am sharing in your pain. Earlier this week, I decided to move around some of my pots in the patio and then I moved the very large table and chairs and did some heavy seeping of the many leaves and tumbleweeds that had come from the fierce winds that we have been having. I bent and twisted my right side...two days later, I woke up having a heck of a time moving my right hip and lower back. I am using arnica cream, hot pulsing showers and even putting a splash of Irish whisky in my coffee...Today, I am moving a little easier but I simply need to remind myself that I am 74 yrs old. With the exception of doing a little dancing now and then, I am not as limber or as flexible as I used to be...
Liz A said…
Oh goodness … how fragile our bodies are these days … may you find the right balance of rest and movement on the way to wellness
Nancy said…
So much goodness here Saskia! The woman with hands...self-portrait? I remember when daughter started Kindergarten, her teacher had her draw a self-portrait and then explained to me how my daughter saw herself as a thinker (big head) and some other stuff I no longer recall. I always thought of this exercise as interesting.
You will have the wonderful luck selling!
As for bodies, every single day I have to consider how I move so as to not hurt my back or rip my thin skin. My work is so physically demanding...well, it is just a lot. I'm sorry for your pain (you too Marti)...backs are the worst! Well, and knees 😉 J. had a bad back event on Thursday (must be the week for it!)...but then Friday he woke up feeling much, much better! Who knows.
may you sell well, and ride off on your bicycle (even if in your mind)
Saskia said…
Marti, there must be something in the air this week as close friend here also strained her back!!! ai ai ai I heard many stories yesterday at the Fair as I stumbled from stall to stall; there was a really nice young man who offered a massage! yes of course I wanted one, this helped a lot, as did the sales and a wine to celebrate was a really good day in a perfect setting with loads of friendly folks, all in high spirits
Saskia said…
balance is the challenge Liz;-)
Saskia said…
all we have to do is listen to our bodies, right Nancy?!
interesting how self-portraits tell us so much about ourselves
jude said…
your work is so inspiring.
Seems everyday it is something for me. I am not as elastic as I used to be.
Saskia said…
right back at you Jude!



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