books! and so much more

sketchbooks full of ink-drawings

I suddenly realised I did not want to sell these and have made lots of ink drawings on the heavy weight acidfree paper, leftovers from our parents' many invitations and menus, these I can sell 

see below

a tiny one-off card-book 
€ 25


when I said to self, 'how about illustrating books?' I did not mean actual books already there in my studio, but I did do just that, grabbing anything in my painting frenzy;-)

above my current favourite: Jason Logan MAKE INK

link to site here

very old leatherbound books that have been with me ever since my nan moved out of her home back in 1989

the above has chapter titles that inspire the drawings, below does not, so I let it fall open and am inspired by random words

some of the ink drawings have been framed and are hanging in the WaardArt window in Geldermalsen for the next two months

a video of my booklet, home-made, hand-sewn binding with an original cover, an illustrated christmas tale of sorts 
for sale at only € 40, not incl P&P

ooops, I realised last night in bed I had posted about this one last time, but as this post IS about books! I could not skip it

small postcard size(11x17cm)  ink drawings € 30
slightly larger (14x19cm) ink drawings € 40
framed pieces are of course more expensive
€ 125 large 40x50cm framesize
€ 95 medium 30x40cm framesize
€ 85 small 18x24cm framesize
the pricing and measuring I find pretty tedious but it has to be done I suppose; what I'm saying is, if you are interested in buying please contact me via email and we'll work out the nitty gritty details of P&P et cetera

ending on a much more pleasant note, part of an invitation shows an image of my favourite uncle Hans as a child, he got on really well with children, this is now the back of
the illustration you see here:

something about sharing & learning I think, and choosing a christmas tree.....


Nancy said…
Saskia~ Ooh...I love seeing all of these paintings! each one has such expression and delightful lightness! Really precious work Sasx!
Saskia said…
thank you ((Nancy)) as the darkest days engulf us, almost, and we are moving towards the end of yet another year, I salute you from my dot on this planet and look forward to sharing our thoughts, ideas, views etc for many years to come xXx
i have waited for a
that might ring true
and its Sublime.

these images. Subime.

they animate, immediately with the looking, become story
which would be varying for each viewer

i just love. just LOVE all. You have found your Place.
Extraordinary. Just Love and Love to you, your Work, us, in the
world who receive it
Saskia said…
haha, sublime, well Grace I must admit I'm very flattered
I AM in a good place with this work, I think it has to do with feeling a lot freer now both parents have died, which might sound strange but there is definitely a lightness, mentally as well as physically, lots more time and space to focus on painting (although time has been rare these past couple of weeks with the house having been sold and we are clearing out the last of the stuff we want to keep!)
Marti said…
During this time of the quiet season, your creativity nourishes and shines Saskia. A Winter Solstice Celtic blessing to you and yours:

Deep peace of the running waves to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
May the beauties of the earth, sky and sea
Fill your heart with lasting peace and contentment.
Saskia said…
after a hectic week down south, clearing out the BigHouse I sure need peace and quiet.....tomorrow the boys and girlfriends will be here for christmas dinner, am very much looking forward to that
wishing you and yours all the best for 2022
Saskia said…
last comment was a reply to you Marti!

however the well-wishing is for all of you folks, goes without saying;-)
buysse maria said…
i'am always late on your post , ja hoe dichter bij je woont hé en dan nog de nederlandse taal delen
soms is onze wereld zo dicht bij elkaar dat afstand als vanzelf word gecreeerd , ik zou liever langs komen dan het hier in woorden te uiten wellicht komt het er nog wel eens van ,
aan jou en jouw mannelijke huisleden ,je dierbare familie die hun vrouwen meebrengen .... veel fijne momenten wens ik jullie toe ,blijf het creatieve ontvangen
warme hartegroet voor allen
Liz A said…
oh hooray! your blog is back on my radar, having gone walkabout for who-knows-what-reason ... a most-welcome gift on the second day of Christmas
Saskia said…
ha Maria, nou kerst zit er weer op.....'t was gezellig in kleine kring, lekker ontspannen met de kinderen en de honden, eten wandelen en een beetje wijn;-)
ik hoop dat met jullie alles goed is en dat 't nieuwe jaar creativiteit, gezondheid en gezellig samenzijn mag bieden
Saskia said…
wow Liz, the intricacies of our virtual connections are baffling, but we somehow always manage to find a way to connect and long may we continue to do so, christmas with just the boys and their girlfriends was sweet and relaxed, the 2 dogs behaved themselves (nothing was stolen from the table!) and we got to know one another a little bit better, sometimes less IS more
Liz A said…
well, my iPhone still doesn't want to connect with you, but at least my laptop is behaving ...

I quite agree with Grace that you have "found your place" amongst "The Pretty apples of Eden" ... these paintings do indeed communicate a light-ness and seem to be celebrations of simple pleasures

may we all find more with less in the coming year ... and may you and yours be well and happy
Patty said…
Love this post and the lead to the making of ink, thank you, thank you also
for your photos of what you're drawing now. Kind of an erie strange familiar
feeling. Xrays, etc. Just my thing to love!!! Continue amazing us
and Happy new year!
Saskia said…
bravo for the laptop Liz; I do not know this quote 'the Pretty apples of Eden' and when I google it I'm pointed towards Assassin's Creed.....uncertain of that is what you had in mind...I'm delighted the works themselves communicate, (true) communication being the most difficult interaction between human beings, or so my brother and I said to each other the other day on one of our drives down south
wishing you a happy healthy 2022
Saskia said…
hi Patty, as long as I have paper, brush and ink I'll keep on painting
cheers to you too!



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