Sunday, 25 June 2017

a bit of fun on a summer sunday's afternoon

 we have been enjoying gloriously hot weather, although if I'm honest some have enjoyed it more than others; I for one love the heat and Django does not seem to mind, we go swimming together in the river the Linge, not pictured here; I don't join him as he dives into the vliet, as it is too difficult to clamber up back onto dry land for the likes of me
I was inspired by Grace's black and white necklace and the way it was draped around a plastic crow's neck over in her post messages, so I went and made one for GhostBird, at his specific request; here he is showing off 

he already had a blue one, which as actually a broken bracelet, but hey he adores it, he quite likes trinkets and dressing up

I liked the result so much I made one for self

at long last mended eldest's torn jeans, such a satisfying job, once it's done!

table cleared of clutter and moved about a bit, still not quite certain where it will go; I like how the different objects left markings, such as the heart shape.....

....which manifested itself after removing this tin; I'm guessing I placed the dead bird in it about a year ago; it is completely dessicated and no longer smells, it is now stuck to the tin: a beautiful object 

meet my new potato friends
the lengths food will go to these days not to be eaten: they have grown arms, legs and one of them even has a head! the wrinkly one in the back is posing as a mouse, knowing full well I don't eat mice (not that I don't eat meat, mind you, 'cos I do, it's just that mice tend not to have enough meat, so it's not worth the effort)
and thus the black-faced sheep has company on the kitchen windowsill
they look like they are enjoying themselves

if I didn't know better  it would seem they are waving at us and inviting us to join them

Sunday, 11 June 2017

birds stars trees and a new book

this one's not dead either, although you couldn't tell by the look of him (her?) he's not tweeting or anything, not a whisper to be heard. I checked to see if he was breathing, the answer is yes
that's something at least

perhaps he's overcome by today's heavy heat and napping during until it's cool enough to be up and about

now there are stars and fruits and blossoms and the two birds are happy; they are exchanging chitchat and the latest gossip concerning matters in the know how these things go: who's dating who? are there any break-ups.....who gets to sleep where? what's the latest in the new Customer Service Dept? do they get a lot of business or is everybody outdoors enjoying the sun?

whilst visiting my parents down south I treated myself to this wonderful book, bought in an amazing bookshop situated in a church (not my favourite bookshop in Maastricht but a close second!) I also ordered Salter's Light Years in the Tribune, which does happen to be my favourite bookshop in Holland - I'm visiting the old folks yet again next weekend as my mum's celebrating her 84th birthday

Thursday, 8 June 2017

tell tale signs

 'I'm not dead' he says

Nope, you're not I think to myself, or I wouldn't have heard you

'I'm just lying here, looking up at the sky as it appears through the tree branches'

'What at?' I ask

'Nothing in particular, simply gazing and pondering, letting thoughts drift' he replies

'Pondering what exactly?'

'The state of things'

'Oh my, that sounds Big; what have you concluded?'

'They are in a Muddle'

'How so, and who are they?'

'All of us and well, there seems to be a lot of confusion nowadays'

'You don't say....'

'I do' the bird on his back tweets


'Just that; loads to examine these days, hence the lying about on one's back looking up'

'Ah, kind of makes sense; I guess you'll be doing that for quite some time then'

'I agree that will probably be the case'

 - the pondering bird lost a feather, so I sewed it onto the back of his small pillow -

'we would very much appreciate some extra stars! could you please add them onto our tree? pleeeeaaase and thank you sooooooo much Saskia'
I am onto it, will post a pic asap

- back -

breezy bird
standing firm
amidst the turmoil,

we had quite the Summer storm yesterday
he's still here
nice to know he is

- back -

if I have seemed 'off' for a while now, it's because reorganisation in the office is afoot; in March we were informed almost the entire customer service dept. is to be outsourced, through a so-called transfer of undertaking, meaning we don't lose our jobs but are offered the option to work for the new employer, or you can resign, losing all rights to any kind of unemployment benefit; today we finally heard where the new business is situated; it entails at least an hour's drive to this new office in the morning and at least an hour's drive back home in the evening, if all goes well, some of us have to travel even further, whereas they used to come on their bikes! (so much for saving the planet) hour may not seem such a big deal, but traffic in the Netherlands is notorious and basically the entire country is one big traffic jam during rush hour; we were strictly forbidden to talk about this publicly and so I could not share what was occupying my mind, even today we were kindly requested to keep schtum until D-Day, which has now been postponed to 1 October (1 September was the original date) however we have kept silent long enough and I doubt anyone in the firm reads my blog, so there it is - out in the open so to speak


Sunday, 28 May 2017


the wind in the willows.....

the dog stepping lightly

robinia pseudoacacia, standing tall and proud on our drive; the wood pigeons love the tender, green leaves and so there are several couples feasting to their heart's content; they also shit all over our cars parked just beneath and next to the tree, haha, what goes around comes around; and now for something completely different

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the instatement of a formal services&support unit for you our dear followers, and so without further ado, I hereby declare the Office open for some serious business, TaDa!

'Official Office for the Customer Service Dept.
For all your queries concerning the
shenanigans in the Dwelling; furthermore we offer possible answers to unknowns in the minds & hearts of those who tend to visit the Birdhut'

they have a typewriter, a wifi-connected laptop, 2 landlines and 1 mobile connection; they have pencils, paper, stamina, not forgetting motivation, dedication and friendly voices; in short: they are Ready!

Polish Honorata is the office manager, happy walk-about Buddha is her top-assistant, baby, bird and piglet are there to listen and learn the tricks of the trade; Harry, the Hairy Lion is Boss, because of his impressive looks and deep voice, not because he's in any way bossy; poor monkey in the backround has covered his ears as he's worried there'll be too much noise; nobody's sure what exactly he's doing here (always someone like that in any office worldover)

BuddhaBird muscled his way in and feels it's his place to be here as well, so okay then....

feel free to ask whatever you wish
we will get back to you asap

Sunday, 7 May 2017


 back from Greece, back to our lovely home, to see Spring has arrived and everything is growing fast, sweet chestnut leaves unfurling each day, bumble bees bumbling, birds nesting, the apple blossom so abundant it almost hides His collapsing shed; the small pillows have increased their numbers as well; I've placed two pictures of each and added a description in between the two sides with the prices

two not quite completely finished pillows above and below a front, needing a backing and filling.....

the Two Moons, mother and daughter trees, or maybe mother and son, or even father and daughter; where the birds come to talk about what moves them, the stars come out at night and shine on the small fruits, twirling as they turn into blossom and eventually fade away....this one still needs it's stuffing
30 euro's

he was very happy to see us 

they gaze upward and at each other, sighing as only best friends can, content at being together not having to talk; a tree was added on the 'back' with a deep red heart celebrating friendship

Looking Outward
the birds both look away, outward to what they do not yet know, interested in their surroundings.....wanting to venture out and see what it is that is just around the corner....

as you can see: the sides continue seamlessly (still have to sew the bottom together)
30 euro's

The Philospher, contemplating the world as it unfolds before him, before us all, withholding judgement, eating a fresh plum from time to time
27,50 euro's

Tiny BlueBird, too agitated to keep still, hence the blurry image; he so desperately wants to get to the tree on the other side...
25 euro's

BlackBird who started it all, he's staying with us as we have grown very attached to him and we like to think he has grown fond of us in return

GreenBirdie 'look at the stars falling from the skies' he cries
27,50 euro's

Naked Guy and PartyBird join forces; if you can stand the noise they call music they might be the small pillow for you
25 euro's

'where are we heading?' OrangeBird asks the dog
'we aren't heading anywhere' he replies grumpily 'I am heading West, or was it East, you can do whatever you want OrangeBird'
'if that is the case, I will follow you from above'

Freckled Bird, he prefers the moon and the stars to bright sunshine, keep that in mind if you should wish to purchase him
30 euro's

a very romantic bird (VRB): 'she loves me, she loves me not' he exclaims as he counts the stars and when the answer does not satisfy, he continues to count the fruits in the tree
30 euro's