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animystical beings

as the sun shone fiercely this week I hung up a piece of thick cotton against the east-facing studio window, transforming the view into a shadow world frustrated at complete* lack of recognition from The Art World I fortunately lost myself in making several collages, combining paper and cloth, using older sewn pieces, a linoprint from something my dad had cut (text: someon[e] at the door, e having dropped off somehow) and cutting up newly painted figures and ipad-prints, creating animystical beings, a word I think I just invented, perfect for what they are to me *some days are like that notwithstanding supportive comments from you folks here and friends closer to home! same collage with the addition of earth-for-grounding hidden dog, or dog hiding in tent an older cloth-collage I really like and wanted to keep just on it's own, in a frame I cut up 'book of leaves' because that wasn't working for me, I've reused bits in collages partial lino print, made with the cut

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