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birds, insects and dogs

  sooo much to share, not just the images above, which as Liz suggested over on Instagram are not so much book-destruction as they are a book-make-over.....But which book? After the sudden outpouring of collages the pages are left to rest on workbench as my mind was led astray.  The weather is both sunny and cool enough to really get going in the garden, hence I'm outdoors most of the time, truly enjoying the physical work there, whilst observing the many seedlings that are slowly but surely growing into flowers in the almost completely dug up back garden. The mature front garden already attracts countless insects and birds, f.e. Black bird, Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Songthrush, Sparrow, Wood pigeon, Turtle dove, Wren and Robin. In the crepuscule 'our' housebats swoop all over.  The pages kept lurking at the back of my mind: what on earth was I going to do with them? Today as the husband and I were walking the dogs* it hit me: these pages could be/are the illustrations to The Dwe

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