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for years now I've tried growing poppies, but they don't like the heavy clay we have here hasn't stopped me trying;-) a stray seed must have blown onto this unpromising mound of sand and decided to bring me a smile this Summer I have moved away from working solely in cloth, feeling an incredible Freedom to do as I please and continue to mix my media, whereby earthy elements converge into altar-like pieces   bone cloth family-silver feather glass glue grass ink lino-print mycelium paint paper shell thread wood zinc  'so much happening here on our dike/er gebeurt zoveel hier bij onze dijk' mycelium hyphen an amazing sight to see, growing on mixture of coffee grounds and chopped eucalyptus my best mycelium experiment so far: frame made from reclaimed drawer and two glass panes found at nearby glass dumpster;  in between: roof thatching remnants from neighbour's house, home-grown mycelium, agar-agar. I made this piece May 26 and these images are from June 7 it's

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