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hanging in De Pluk

this is my contribution to the group exhibition in  De Pluk , in the aftermath of Covid (one hopes) ' wat we meenemen en wat we missen  kunnen ' 'what we take with us and what we can do without'  handmade apron, containing fabrics from many women all over the globe and a broad band original seventies kitchen-curtain-fabric from our parents' home, vintage child's apron -mine or my sister's- a photo of my parents on a family holiday in Brittany in the seventies, my short note my work, needless to say, is all about my personal loss, rather than Covid, although I sense it echoes what many have experienced on the piece of paper to the right, which is an essential part of the piece, my words: In the last year I have lost both parents within a space of three months. People say: 'they reached a ripe old age' 'better like this than the other way around' .....yeah right, whatever I miss them All I have left are memories  

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