Sunday, April 13, 2014

the generous clematis

birds mainly

 the avocado/onion peel dye turned out surprisingly pale (not to say drab) and I decided to spruce it up with a print; the cloth was still damp after washing and as the piece was too wide to fit through the press I folded it over twice, hence the faded print next to the crisp print in the middle:

BirdBoy has embraced in the most literal sense the two newcomers, Bweetle and Twoad: they share a bed, his bed; there is nothing like living in close proximity to each other, you see, hear, feel and smell everything about one another; looking at this picture I see the crack in BirdBoy's head and the metal wire repair, the vertebrae on Twoad's back and the twisted legs on Bweetle, these things move me, I am looking in a mirror, for a moment I am aware of an unspeakable sadness within, such as Jude has mentioned here

The cow parsley/sorrel dye resulted in a very pale yellowy-beige and the spots were still too dominant I felt, so I again opted for a print to jazz it up, on the left a darker surround, on the right again the print has 'leaked' through onto the folded fabric, it was only afterwards did I think to tear the fabric in half, duh; all the bird prints were freshly pressed onto the fabric (as in: no folding over, and the cloth was dry) 

note: I used commercial textile paints for all of the prints, these were fixed by ironing. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

things I might do on a Saturday afternoon

like make a rickety table out of hazel wood and part of a zinc gutter, partly screwed and then tied together with string the husband found in a field; I do so enjoy working with my hands outdoors

I am not quite sure what it's for, I had thought the birds could use it as a shallow birdbath, then again as it is high (which was my intention) I could use it for potting plants; I have poured in rusty rain water from the zinc container and as the table turned out more horizontal than anticipated (despite not having used a spirit level) the water doth runneth over....  

  it can also be used for dyeing experiments!

moving on to other dyeing pots: above the first cow parsley/sorrel dye of 2014 with rust-rainwater added, below the bundle in yesterday's avocado/onion peel dye, one more day and then I will allow myself to check the results

husband's excellent find

Friday, April 11, 2014

 last week's beautiful flowers are fading rapidly, look how the reddish pink has turned to stripes; never one to pass up on a dyeing experiment, I have gathered the petals and wrapped them up in a soy-mordanted piece of cotton I happened to have prepared (!) it has gone into an avocado-onion-peel-dye (leftovers form yesterday's salad) will check on it Sunday; meanwhile after pottering about in kitchen and in front of the computer with several cups of coffee I finally ventured out and went for a long walk all by myself - it still can feel awkward getting started without Tungsten -  in the pics below you can see where I came from on the left, behind the tree line; on the right where I'm heading along a path that runs through the golf course and is a public footpath, towards the nearby village of Spijk; I met a lady on said path, who was blowing her whistle with a passion as her dog, a black labrador, had fled off in pursuit of a hare (which we all know is a futile attempt, but lots of fun for the dog, I'm not so sure the hare sees it the same way) she was running wild on the golf course which is not as it should be, eventually the dog heard the whistle and swam across the water to return to her owner, a very good dog indeed! The lady explained to me she had found her on a site for labs-looking-for-new-homes, which sounds very promising in our own dog-quest, I will discuss this with the family as soon as we all manage to be home at the same moment in time

on my way back I encountered two delightful companions, who accompanied me all the way home; the walk didn't turn out quite as lonely as I had imagined it would be
p.s. they have decided to stay for a while, hurray

Sunday, April 6, 2014

sowing and sewing

both require patience, faith and hard work, in abundance; the ranunculus above is not the product of my labour, or maybe you could say it is, in a very round-about way: by working in the office I earned some money with which I chose to buy this bunch of flowers; today was truly a day off, having no plans whatsoever and as these things then go, the unexpected unfolds; friend M. rang and asked whether she could come over to my place to start a lino-cut; once here we decided we both wanted to go for a walk first as the weather is so wonderfully soft, grey and soft. In the pic below you can see the willows turning green, the bright yellows of the rapeseed and the cow parsley is blossoming in white tufts along 'our' dike, 

 we visited a friend where M. held this tiny chick, his?her? mother was no longer interested in it and our friend led it to another hen who had already adopted four other chicks, we were on tenterhooks: would she accept it? he crept towards her and just manoeuvred itself under her wings, amidst the others, MotherHen spread her wings over all of them Yes! 

and then on our way back home we found this unfortunate bird, smothered by car wheels.....

long cloth with lots of stitches

really nice old fashioned basket came along with M.

at last the start of a new cloth: an owl

two new inhabitants: mother goose and chick, I am very glad they came together as I have no idea what the chick needs at this point in her life; it's nice to have a mother close by when you're this small.

 an attempt at making a goose print, smudgy results, things don't always go the way you expect them to.....

which also applies to the seed sowing; this year I decided to sow mainly edible flowering plants, I sowed them last Friday for four reasons: the earth is now warm, rain was predicted (and today fell), the moon is waxing and I remembered to.
I have no idea what will eventually appear, I like this kind of suspense, a lot.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

private conversations

walk in the woods with youngest son K. to the fallen tree, a huge willow; he spotted it on his bike-ride home the other day; for a change of scenery he often cycles back through the woods, according to him it's a lot less boring than the straight road home; I am a happy mum when he says things like this. 

 the obvious difference between this boy and his mother: he immediately climbs onto the tree and I stand watching and hadn't even considered clambering up, I take pictures; I also measured the length of the tree by taking big steps along side it: 28 plus the stump-left-standing I'ld guess at 30plus metres.

on our walk back I asked him what he thought of my work on the Project and all the stories of the beings dwelling there (the reason I popped the question was because my Danish family wondered what my boys thought of me and my fanatastic world? I'll have to ask them I said, but I think they're just used to me and what I do)
K. answered: well, mother at least you are able to express yourself with all this creating and I think that is a good thing.

I just had to smile

house with verandah-in-winter-mode i.e. enclosed, as the trees are still very naked you can see all the way to the back of the garden, where the dike forms a 'natural' border; below the plum blossom, I wish you could smell it's sweet fragrance