Monday, 25 July 2016


 despite the heat yesterday I was full of energy and feeling like myself again I wanted to do all kinds of stuff ..... how appreciative one becomes of small mercies once pain has dissipated, fortunately the memory evaporates very fast. Django and I went on our regular morning walk, he even went for a swim, several in fact and each in our own fashion were sniffing out treasures and so we stumbled upon this perfectly poised toad; on our walk back he talked incessantly and was very curious to know where we were taking him, would he be safe there? and were there any dangerous contraptions such as he had had the misfortune to encounter in the field where we met? we almost lost him as he was just so bouncy and nervous, he hopped and quivered the entire time. Once returned to the calm of the safe and quiet haven of our garden he relaxed and wanted to meet everyone, first he introduced himself to the Man in the cloth piece my world where he wondered about for a bit staring at the birds and all of the tiny stitches, muttering and whispering to himself, of how they reminded him of the seeds on the grassblades back home. He then announced he was ready to meet the King. So we took him to the studio where he finally met OBK and part of the household in the Dwelling.

our nervous new friend leapt onto the tea tray in his excitement at meeting OBK

 an impression of the east deck with the mural very gradually coming to life

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

feeling sorry.....

…… for myself.
Why, you might wander with all the horrible stuff in the rest of the world? If you have ever experienced toothache you will know at such a time the world is reduced to the size of your mouth!
It all started a couple of weeks ago when I went to my dentist for my regular check-up and he had an x-ray made. He detected two leaky fillings, one very old and one not so. Anyway, whatever their age, they had to come out and be replaced by two new ones.  Made an appointment for two weeks later, last Thursday morning saw me in his chair lying back and trying to think myself anywhere but there, which is difficult when there’s someone drilling holes into your teeth. All seemed to have gone well, the dentist was satisfied with the job and I was relieved to be out of the chair, away from all the dental instruments. Went for a belated morning walk with Django, hoping the local anaesthetic would have worn off by the time we got home again. As I couldn’t eat, drink, or talk to anyone for that matter, walking was my best option.
However as the anaesthetic did indeed begin to wear off I couldn’t help but notice the bottom left molar becoming ever more sensitive, I felt feverish and generally not okay. This came and went in waves, I reasoned this was due to the nerves having been overstimulated, swallowed a couple of paracetamols and as long as I didn’t eat with the teeth on the left all went reasonably well. I had places to go, things to do, no time for infections to slow me down. The weekend came and went. Sunday was quiet and I resisted the urge to keep feeling the sensitive molar with my tongue as much as I could, decided I’ld see how it went the next couple of days. Monday in the office was tiring, but still as long as I didn’t touch the dreaded molar not a problem. Monday evening the pain became worse, and Monday night I didn’t sleep a lot. All was not well in the dental state (not to mention my mental well-being)
Tuesday morning I rang the dentist and was able to make an appointment for noon, I then rang the office to say I wouldn’t be in today. The dentist was not my regular one, this time a female colleague* plunged in, I didn’t mind as long as somebody would take care of me and relieve me of my suffering.
Which is what she did; after another x-ray, she determined there was an infection and I needed a root canal, which is what I had been afraid of and why I was in denial in the first place. For those of you who have been there you know what I’m talking about, for those of you who haven’t, it’s no big deal (sorry, just kidding). More local anaesthetic, more drilling, rinsing and filling, alas a temporary one, have to be back next week to ‘finish the job’.
I’m now at home typing this post and as the local anaesthetic is wearing off, things seem dare I say it, slightly better. The tongue hurts, according to the dentist I have a ‘nosy tongue’ and they had to keep it under tight control whilst she was drilling…………….Well there you go, learn something new every day, I have a nosy tongue.

*my regular dentist is slightly older than me, she however is a lot younger, have to put our trust in the youth.

 What did we do on Saturday? Marjan, Jet and I went to Ouddorp on the island Goeree Overflakkee (the most southerly part of the province Zuid Holland) where we first spent the morning in the Beeldentuin achter de Westduinen; an incredibly beautiful private garden full of modern scultures, a delightful, somewhat belated birthday treat from my girl friends; we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch, which I mananged with half my mouth functionioning.

reclining woman (bronze) Karl Ulrich Nuss

Nee de la terre (corten steel) Klaas Gubbels

this one swayed ever so slightly as the trees moved in the breeze
Moonboat (stone) Ton Kalle

Bridging the gap (bronze) Dorte Berner

Torso (stone) Le Thi Hien
Roots (stone) Adri Verhoeven

view of part of the garden with the girls

the entire garden was divided into sections, this is called the Gallery

Forest Lungs of the world (paper) Julie Dodd

I'll call these Sun and Moon, as they're not marked on the map of the garden, I don't know who made them either

Teacher and Silly Virgins (stone) Dorte Berner

again, plus a view of Open Veld or the so-called Open field part of the garden

Girl on chair (bronze) Bernard Sindall

Margreet Huisman made these, afraid no title here either, however one of her small sculptures snuck into my pocket and came home with me, a piglet from a family of 'Mazzelpigs'
he's the pink one on the right

 after lunch we went to the beach and simply walked - it was a great day

Thursday, 7 July 2016

life and death

notice the Ears

 I'm not quite sure why these small creatures die, there are no obvious injuries. Yes I know there's something red in the top image, but no flesh wounds and if it was caught by another critter, it's been abandoned, lying there all on it's own on a narrow footpath. For me to see and record.
Perhaps with the heavy rains they're driven from their homes, like Holey Moley; I did not bring back the larger of the two mice, the tiny one was wrapped a comfrey, maybe not very comfy as it's actually a bit prickly, just thought about that, anyway he's resting between the two porcelain dogs, as can be seen in last photo; they are friendly that way
 spermatozoa from him to her, finally something's happening between those two
his final resting place

Sunday, 3 July 2016

in between the rains.....

After yet again a surprising amount of water had fallen from the Summer skies within the spate of less than ten minutes, all of a sudden they were again a clear blue dotted with white cotton balls, convincingly offering the promise of a dry spell, surely lasting long enough for a morning stroll in the woods. And so it was we, that is to say Django and I, were lured out of the house and started off on our morning walk, believing we could indeed outwalk the next deluge. I glanced up every now and then wishing the distant heavenly grey tones would not rush in our direction. However, after roughly half an hour we found ourselves caught in the midst of a modest but persistent downpour: within minutes we were soaked and what with the humid, warm air it felt like wandering in nature's shower, leading to fanatasies of walking about through the woods naked and misconceptions about how nature herself was concerned with our personal hygiene. 

just before it started raining.

Very close to home, I finally picked up the dead mole I had spotted about a week ago; doesn't smell badly anymore, it's just very wet indeed and needs to dry before presenting him to the OldBirdKing. What struck me first were the tiny powerful fingers, how large they are in comparison to the rest of the animal. 

 How both seem to be clasping, the dead flattened mole above and the sunflower all folded up after blooming brightly below, how because this holding of hands is one of my thought-threads, I seem to be seeing them everywhere; I want the earth mother and her mate to be holding hands in My World and so I have been thinking about how I am going to sew this a lot, have actually sewn them and cut the embroidery away several times as it wasn't to my liking

 the heavenly bodies have been painted blue and green, I'm not sure why these colours exactly, most likely because they are my favourites and they echo the blue of the river above, not sure where all this is heading but I am pretty confident something good/important is happening......mixing the media

Sunday, 26 June 2016


how her hair moves with the light shining thru

how thru light stitches become lines, how the many armed goddess needs more lines to express this, how she is more than can be seen, how limited my talents as her creator, how we have to deal with that, how prints offer definition, how two circles lead to thoughts of a mate, how they must somehow become united, how one thing leads to another, how the title is now 'my world'