Saturday, 21 February 2015

sam lee song

 video from the television program Vrije Geluiden last Sunday, where we first saw Sam Lee, after which I immediately booked tickets for the concert on Thursday (photo's below) and we are now officially fans!
there's loads more on the internet: google and enter his musical world
images from their live performance in RASA Utrecht, taken with my phone; there is a lot I could say about his music, but I suggest you listen and then decide whether you too love him as we do! we even have a signed CD

Sunday, 15 February 2015

a bit of sunshine can do wonders

Today the weather is almost too fine
Lulling us into the belief Spring has actually arrived.

Add to this the noisy dawn chorus of bird gossip this past week: chirrrrrup! tweet-tweet…..ahahahah ooooooee, drrrr , drrrrr, rrrrrrrrookoo, rrrrrrrrookoo and we are virtually convinced

a rough transcript of the conversation I overheard this morning:

“I rediscovered last year’s nesting place, only to find squatters had beat me to it; can you believe that?


Ye-e-eess; I kindly requested they vacate the premises and do you know how they responded?


In a not so very polite manner they shooooooed me off! told me to get the f* out of their squat and mind my own business. Can you believe that?


Ye-e-eess. So, how about your selves, have you managed to find a nesting spot?

Indeed we have! Do you know the blue shed, the one she refers to as ‘her studio’ ?


Well there are several wooden boxes screwed onto the north-facing wall, we found an empty one and moved in straight away!

No-o-oooo, good for you!

Ye-e-eess, we feel most fortunate”

And so on, and so forth

Sunday, 8 February 2015

books, art, dog

collage in book shop, 
several cards still on studio table (are now in the store, sold first one yesterday!) 
Django on our morning walk  
book shop open every second Sunday of the month for the 'culturele route' in town with a couple of familiar cloth pieces dangling from the ceiling

Thursday, 5 February 2015

still here

it's been a while as I've been busy, not only in office & book shop, both boys have school related presentations requiring our enthusiastic presence and last Sunday was film-packed at the IFFR*, the sewing I managed to squeeze in has been meditative, meticulous and slow, so not a lot to show here; however I have attempted to take pics of the progress of this particular cloth, funny how the growth seems to run in sync with the season's tentative steps towards the promise of warmth and light

another promise: the anthropology of turquoise by Ellen Meloy, first encountered over at Grace's 

* International Film Festival Rotterdam

Sunday, 25 January 2015

light headed/lichthoofdig

yesterday for a few hours we had snow
today, all was back to normal, grey skies and green and muddy earth, some quality time in the studio: another collage plus poem by Herman Gorter

mijn ogen zijn dicht
ik proef en slik
mijn hoofd is licht
ik ben bijna niet

my eyes are shut
i taste and swallow
my head is light
i almost don't exist 

in book world we're almost into the poetry month, i hope i can display this collage in the shop