Sunday, 4 October 2015

lovely autumn

I love Autumn, I really do; the colours, the light, the soft glide from Summer to Winter. How you're surprised by the sun's unexpected warmth, the morning mist, the promise of nuts and apples and pears. How I cannot be indoors.
Funny how Django is continually on the look out, I had never truly noticed this; whilst I was watching him he kept on checking out our surroundings, a bird call, a twig snapping, footsteps, a scent perhaps...he was always aware of what was going on 

Friday, 2 October 2015

small autumn thoughts

 new arrivals require extra space, more amenities and so there are two new kitchen areas, a cot, cooking utensils, garden furniture......other objects, such as the ping-pong table are temporarily(?) displaced and the chickens are therefore having a game in the shop, they're all making do....and having lots of fun, so I imagine. I'm not usually in the know about the goings-on in the many storied household; however, last evening as I wandered into the studio I noticed a toad hip-hopping surreptitiously under one of the shelving units and I swear I heard drumming noises....all was quite quiet once I entered; ah well, so it goes, I suppose it is only natural: the fate of all parents is to miss out on most of the fun their offspring may experience. Meanwhile I keep myself busy with the cut-offs....

Sunday, 20 September 2015

snip snip

walnuts just across the road....I heard the crows yesterday, a vocal sign indicating food! So Django and I went for a walk equipped with a bag and collected quite a few; seems early for walnuts, but then again we've had a lot of heavy rain and I imagine the nuts on the ground were pelted by sheer water-force out of the tree

tried to capture the spider clinging onto the flower, neither are sharp, imagine

the water cloth.....growing and then....

...I cut out! the dark pieces in the larger cloth as they had served their purpose and added the smaller water story; now the random cloth piece has a story, of a ship and moonlight and the recent experiment of multi-coloured strip, sewn together on the wrong side has found a place; now I see all of the pieced together bits for what they are: the polder landscape, fields intersected by roads and pathways, dikes edged by rows of trees, the land cut into bite size plots, manicured gardens, wild ones, forgotten strips (not many of those), concrete bunkers, birds of every size, roe deer, hares, humans, insects, frogs and toads, all traipsing the land, the landscape I live in, am surrounded by, one day a cloth to wrap myself in

I'm very happy with the way the colours work together now; still have to figure out how to integrate more, am confident though

even though I live in this water world, I'm very much an earthy person; however, here the ship has entered the cloth and it all suddenly makes sense, how now there is a river and (the possibility of) movement, I have to admit to being excited about this piece 

Friday, 18 September 2015

small results amidst busy schedule

 what happens when you don´t pay proper attention to what you´re doing?
you could end up making a mistake and then deciding to purposely continue thus.
I mindlessly started stitching small pieces together on the 'right' side and felt something was not quite right; after several pieces I sat turning and peering at the pieced-together-strip and realised what was wrong.....I'd been stitching on the right side which was the wrong side and now the right side had a very visible ridge: nice!

 I continued experimenting using only white fabric; this time sewing the pieces together on the 'wrong' side, where I asked myself the following question: how does the running stitch differ from the wrap-stitch I learned from Jude of Spirit Cloth for piecing - I had never actually compared the two; the results can be seen in the following images 

two most important observations for me: the wrap-around stitch provides much more strength, whereas the running stitch offers a graphic quality I like a lot, as I often prefer my pieces to be two-sided; so I will use both depending on what I want to achieve

the hazel curved twig happened to be hanging here, highly suitable for displaying these strips

GhostBird pretending to be uninterested in the experiments