Sunday, 19 April 2015

time flies

weeping willow a week ago

bought two shirts at the thrift store, this one will be modified to fit better, bit tight under the armpits! 

first attempt at making necklace using African (seed)beads combined with wood slices I bought in the garden centre (used for plant decoration and such) and here's me wearing the new piece, also wearing a gorgeous bright green jacket I got for free !! in the Geefwinkel

shirt number two, no modifications apart from the dye and a running stitch on the collar, can you spot the bird house on the back?

ended up adding two strips to widen the blouse, and am now thinking: why not make it into a very wide thin djellaba type of blouse, sewing the sleeves on at right angles.....making life less complicated for self...or perhaps leaving it sleevless altogether

the only two red tulips to have survived the digging efforts by himself below


Saturday, 4 April 2015

a day in the studio, plus a day later the first birdbox was finished

the dead bird that had become one with a table top now has it's own box; there are more birds (alas) so more boxes will follow

plexiglass on back

Thursday, 2 April 2015

a bit of nonsense on Thursday


While the dog gazes wistfully - would he like to join in perhaps? -  upon the countless hares cavorting all over the place, the giraffe manages to lick the distracted Indian in the face, judging by his expression I think it’s safe to say the hippopotamus thinks this quite hilarious and the pig, well the pig just keeps on trotting……..

Sunday, 29 March 2015

doodling continued

the quiet before the storm

Roger van Boxtel (unfortunately you can't see him as Ro, book shop owner is standing right in front of him whilst introducing him to the crowd) presented his book yesterday 'van Trilling tot Rilling', it consists of a series of interviews with musical folks. From what I gathered, the book deals mainly with the contention that music has healing properties and the interviewees illustrate this claim by examples from their personal and professional experience. I hasten to add that the author makes no claims to having written a scientific nor comprehensive study, the book is the condensed result of his life-long personal interest in music. The presentation was followed by an animated discussion and live music!
from the bustle of the town to the calm in the studio a day later: a sleeping model lying close to the warmth of the wood burner, we lost an hour today and hoped for longer light, alas it rained All Day and the skies remained boringly grey

however we did not despair and the water colours continue to materialize, March hares abound today

Django and Tungsten side by side on my studio wall, our youngest son suggested: yin&yang, ha!

Friday, 27 March 2015

doodling in watercolours, revised

 the perfect model, the right tools, non-judgemental mindset, et voilà:

Addendum March 28:

As I grow older (omg here she goes, again!) I have come to appreciate ambiguity.

I will attempt an explanation, although that in itself would rather be beside my point.

In my early years I yearned for clarity and believed there might be an answer to every question, if one kept on asking long enough. Thus I read and read and researched and imagined I found answers in someone else’s words and used quotes to survive the chaos.

I am now aware I have come to see things from a slightly different angle, every answer begs at least five more questions, there are no absolutes, we all hold our opinions close to our hearts and are surprised some else has a completely different point of view, if not careful you could feel insulted and even grab a weapon to prove your point.

Within life there is death – one could say the greatest conundrum of all – there is no end, except The End, or should I say My End, as of course Life moves on, irrespective of who or what.

The reason I got to thinking along these lines, is the growing awareness within self of a subtle change in my attitude towards my work, i.e. everything I make. I never strove for perfection (a whole new issue which I am not even going to enter here) but I did like clarity, which can be many things, but that is not what I’m on about here; what I imagined I was making was an object in which my thoughts/feelings etc were clear and apparent to the viewer, notwithstanding their own viewpoint.

These days I am more and more surprised, not so much by what happens in the process as that has always intrigued me, but by the fact I now embrace ambiguity, am fascinated by the not-knowing what it is that has happened. How the resulting image still holds many secrets, how I am now able to stop ‘improving’, how I increasingly trust the handiwork to reveal what needs to be revealed, even though I don’t understand it myself.

Part of this story is illustrated by yesterday’s water colour doodles, only later did the words arrive.