Thursday, September 18, 2014

for Jennie

Monday evening the husband returned home with a bag stuffed with tiny furniture and bits and bobs, all for the Project! My friend Jennie who volunteers in the Geefwinkel had been saving them for me, or should I say, for the Project's inhabitants......I was thrilled,  you can imagine how they felt; as it all arrived here on the Monday evening and the hour was late, and then having to work in the office Tuesday and Wednesday, they all had to wait till today for me to move the stuff over to their place; they could of course have done it I tolerated no complaints about the delay. It did mean they could decide amongst themselves what was to go where, who could have what and so forth, maybe even get some cleaning done. All that was required of me was my muscle power!

shelves in the library: where else? the leather bound books ended up there as well, as did the typewriter  plus phone; I have no idea if they do indeed have a phone number, but that doesn't seem to bother them and so I will ring them from time to time as requested - although no one till now has given me a number to ring  - 'text us' they cry, we're modern too you know, whatever. I am also happy to see the arrival of a saw, this means they can take care of their wood supply themselves from now on, careful though little 'un. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the silver chandelier, adds a touch of class to the entourage.

we moved the bird's nest from the newly decorated top bedroom to BirdBoy's shelf, he's very happy, as are Beetle and jumpy toad

The OldBirdKing quite fancies this object, no body knows what it is, art maybe? Anyway, he likes it and that makes us all happy for him

these three are always hungry, although I do see some might manage to eat more than others

a tiny woven basket!

the top shelf under the garden roof has been transformed into a proper bedroom

the new dog has taken the largest bed - very much like Django who sneaks onto the couch in the living-room when we're off to bed; he jumps off hastily in the mornings, looking at you with big innocent eyes (if I'm very quiet I can catch him......)

linen cupboard

they look like they're no stranger to mischief 

a very useful whisk & coffee grinder

wonder when they'll actually get round to cleaning........

there's even a ping-pong table, no bats but I'm sure they'll come up with something; on the table by the way is a new arrival, a brave and curious hedgehog, obviously not afraid of heights nor shears....

Rat checking out Django from the safety of the  coconut

thanks Jen!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

planet earth

 we returned to the watery edges this evening and strolled along all of them, 'discovering' another plant from the Compositae family Asteraceae: Nodding Bur-marigold or Knikkend Tandzaad

I love the seeds with the tiny hooks, like tiny brushes; all of the official looking illustrations & text come from this site, a great source of botanical information for one such as me; I've added the link onto my blogroll for I'm sure I will want to use it more often in the future.

 some of the watery 'arms' have been temporarily blocked from the vliet; I'm not sure why, a colleague suggested it might have been created as a safe-haven for the amphibians, a green blanket has grown on the surface. At first I found it quite off-putting, but then I saw Django tasting it and I scooped up a bit: it's almost felt like; I' ve taken this small sample back home with me and will let it dry and see what happens once it has: will it fall apart? still be soft? I can imagine it once having been used as cushion filling or a soft comforter

 the 'witte wieven' accompany us on our way home

Monday, September 15, 2014

Three-Lobe Beggar-Ticks*

 veerdelig tandzaad* or Bidens Tripartita (link here) a plant I had never consciously noticed before - thanks to the internet I was able to determine what it is, exactly! It has sprung up along this recently created water's edge; it's quite tall, appr. one meter and the stem has a distinctive deep purple colour; it's wonderful to see how fast plant life has materialized along these edges in such a short period; last winter this was a plain field, hemmed in by a road, another field, a vliet and a sloot (canal in English, a sloot is a narrow canal, a vliet is wider than a sloot, I'm afraid this is all the explanation you're going to get, ha)
this Spring six straight slots were dug into the field, like comb's teeth, from the vliet; this means there are twelve new strips along which water's-edge-loving-plants can grow and wild life can crawl in and out of the water as the slopes are very gentle, plus the small peninsulas create mini biotopes all of their own, I noticed a lot of white clover growing there as well, which is good news for the bees and a smallish hole, possibly a vole! There's now also a path from this spot back to the road, so I can now enter the woods along the 'old' footpath and return via the new field path. Django got all excited as he spotted these horses on our way back home, not sure whether it was safe to pass, the foal was just as nervous as he was. The mare and I, both in our own way, reassured our young ones all was indeed safe: she by ignoring Django (and me) completely, continuing to graze the sweet grasses and I by murmuring reassurance; this is definitely the best horse medicine you can get after a long day in the office.

I am also sewing quite a lot, modifying clothes mainly and there's an old shirt is in the dye pot, no images just now, patience

16-09-2014 P.S.

Rijk Plantae
Klasse Spermatopsida
Orde Asterales
Familie Asteraceae
Geslacht Bidens
Soort Bidens tripartita