Wednesday, 22 October 2014

westerly wind

'it's only rain' 

last night the westerly winds blew us, the husband and self, across the highways, along small winding roads, past many a roundabout to a small town called Nuenen, where we ended up in Arianne and Bart's house; together with thirty odd guests we enjoyed Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros first (living-room)concert of their Dutch 2014 tour!
thank you Liz for pointing me in their direction; despite never having met any of them before, it was like coming home, in fact it was such a wonderful adventure, we hope to repeat this amazing experience very soon.....

so Jimmy, Walt, Bill & Bart: as we had such a great time first time 'round, we'll be seeing you all next week in Giessen-Oudekerk for another performance!

artwork by (guitar) artist Dan Taylor

Bart de Win, musical magician

alas I failed to record the sound, but it's still a moveable feast

to hear what their music sounds like check out you tube/spotify etc plus their site, because they're worth it -

latest cd, more info on their website 

physical journeys, travels of the mind, meetings in blogland, different ways of connecting, of finding a safe place for your heart and soul, dreams continue and I do what I can each and every day; this Small Journey is slowly gathering pace....

Monday, 20 October 2014

jon henrik fjallgren

Daniels Joik by Jon Henrik Fjallgren

lyrics in English;
Do you go with me still, my dear friend,
Although I no longer see you?
Are you still here on earth,
Just as you remain in my heart?
I lie there and ponder,
Its a deafly soundless around me.
The tears break through and falls,
In the memories of you.

An angel that was left behind,
Have now got its wings.
Where do you fly now, my angel?
Where do you fly now?

Are you flying through the pearly gates, tell me?
Or to the worlds end?
Are you flying beside me?
Or am I alone now?

Where ever you are my friend.
Where ever the path takes you.
Promise me you'll wait there,
Until we meet again.

I hope you're happy now.
As i was with you,
The pain you have suffered,
i hope its now gone.

Soar free, my dear friend.
You're free now.
And until we meet again,
Farewell, my angel

copied from you tube

joik is a traditional form of Sami song,  link here

Friday, 17 October 2014

never walk in a straight line

a small autumnal journey linked closely to the daily walks Django and I enjoy this time of the year; the blocks are sewn together with the paperless piecing technique I learned from Jude - I had no prior skills in this respect and have no experience with paper piecing, but the paperless version works well for me - as the squares are so small I press the folds with my thumbs, so I don't even have to iron, and stitch from corner to corner; as you can see I haven't even basted the folds with invisible stitch, yet it already holds together firmly; measurements 10x10 cm
not a lot of thought went into it, that's how it is these days, I've come to rely on the cloth to tell me where to go; I know that may sound vague.....but those who know what I mean will understand it isn't.

the four yellow squares are from a pomegranate dyed cotton with a textile ink print (the hare in a field plus tree lino cut, example here) the middle moon is I think a plum dye resist; the two bottom corners are from my first square-folding-shibori attempt (the green stripe on the left, original here) upon which sponge squares were printed again with textile inks; top right is avocado dye, top left ?-dye with a lino print from the tree season cycle, example here.......

......looking at what has already has gone into such a small piece I realize many steps have already been made on this particular journey....

Thursday, 16 October 2014

collections of thoughts&things

I save the spent matches in the matchboxes, there are now 8, a collection is born, although I have no idea why I keep them, I do find the simple collection beautiful & fun

 does size matter?

what about aging?

how might art make a difference? 

hi Grace, your-piece-now-mine is up there with the kids' drawings, postcards, family photo's on one of our kitchen walls; this is where it got caught up in our lives, has not yet reached the studio......maybe it will maybe it won't. The small desk underneath (not shown in pic) is where I sit with the laptop when it's not in the studio.
I fell in love with this particular piece because of the details, the ones in bottom image, the infinitesimal beings of the earth, in the earth; we humans cannot see them with the naked eye, but that they are there is what matters

 title 'all kinds of bodhisattva.....story cloth....' by Grace 2014; if you haven't been to her blog Windthread I urge you to do so, you'll never be the same

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

tiny critters on my clothing

more avocado stains on this vest (which appears to be lighter in these images)

 the staining of the cord makes me happy beyond words

Grace's grub is on the right

a face?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

an ordinary tuesday evening

it was light&dark at the same time, depending on where we were this evening on our walk, or perhaps the light is fading so fast I cannot keep up with it's disappearance

I always find a lit house so very comforting as the days grow shorter 

not knowing what you're looking at is at times better than knowing

Monday, 13 October 2014

how things might happen when you're not looking

this one decided to go on a small journey all of it's own, still a lot of stitching to do, but getting there